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Over time, many decks will be created that feature the Imbued. Either as the sole focus, or as an important component. You may submit a deck to this site's administrator to have it featured here.

All V:TES decks posted to are collected here:

The Tournament Winning Imbued Decks have been moved to the ITWDA page.

Decks by Witness1
Weapons Cache
Hello Nurse!
Road Movie to Berlin
Muddled Hunters
Give Back the Devil His Own
Hero of the Day
The Darby Dance
Donate 2
Strapping Bombs to Innocents
Paralyze This
The Better Darby Dance
Henry Twist is the new Darby Dance
Those Who Endure
Champion is Weak
Paralyze This!
Urban Jungles
Judgment Day

Decks by A. "hellblazer" Vesseur
Lost Mortals

Decks by Adam Esbjörnsson
Gothenburg Imbued 2012

Decks by Adam Hulse
We want to Pump *clap*... You Up!

Decks by Alex Broadhead
Mano A Mano
Dancing Fools

Decks by Alex Ek and Erik Torstensson

Decks by Alex Harmon

Decks by Alexander Nilsson
Karlstad City Hunters

Decks by Ankha

Decks by Antero
Drive-by Cleaving
Flash Boom Bang
Hunters in Africa

Decks by arno
Vampires' Killer
Speed Wormword

Decks by Assamite/CM
First Hunter Deck

Decks by asymmetries
Imbued Sieze Power

Decks by Aurelio Icatiano

Decks by Baaliprimogen
Mind of a Child
The imbueds party with Alan's money
Police Squad
Daughters of Reckoning
Fast Apocalypse
Jack & Jack's Smiling Adventure
Unstoppable Gehenna with laptops

Decks by Bob Joseph
Imbued 1.0

Decks by Carlos Eduardo Ganso
Monster Hunter

Decks by Chris Shorb
Oh the humanity
Imbued Rush I/II

Decks by Chris, Thrall of Arika
Tremere Experiment

Decks by Christian Chénard
Striking at the Vitals

Decks by Cory Busch Kendall
Nontable Poison Wall

Decks by Damien Hennessy
Hunter's Toolbox

Decks by Danielle Newquist
Time Enough For Snakes

Decks by Darby Keeney
Waltzing Matilda
Eno Sez Whut
The Imbued Principle

Decks by David Tatu
John's Powerless
Talbot's Hunters

Decks by DJ Chagnon / Meej
Darby Dance of the Seven Veils

Decks by Ector
Imbued + Roger = Wormwood
Innocent Girls
Turbo-Wormwood Mk2

Decks by Emiliano Arnotti, AKA Drugo
We have one Conviction... MkII
Apocalypse NOW

Decks by Eric Haas
Superstar at the Gay Bar

Decks by Fabio Macedo
V for Vengeance
Locked in the Supermarket

Decks by Felipe Fiuza
Hunters Hunted 2
La ostia

Decks by Felipe Ordonez

Decks by Finbury
The Cutout

Decks by FuzzyJuan
Gehenna Hunter
The Psychotic Imbued

Decks by Gilmar Mendes
Imbuido mais odiado e safado

Decks by Graham Smith
Bath Imbued Cheese

Decks by Guzmo
Avenger rush

Decks by Gyula Erdos
Imbued are Broken

Decks by Hernan Rodriguez
The Last Imbued

Decks by hollowboy
Henry and the Hunters

Decks by Ian Lee

Decks by Ivan Chebunin
Vigilant Luc

Decks by Ivan Marin-Rivas
Imbued the Eternal Struggle

Decks by J
Unholy Alliance
Bloody Humans

Decks by James Wilhelm
These are My toys.

Decks by Janne Hägglund
My Imbued Twister
Twist With Conviction (version 1.3)
Twist With Conviction 2008
Imbued Nerds
Scobax Imbued

Decks by Jarkko Suvela/thinblood
Waiting for Gehenna with friends

Decks by Jason Ryan
Smash the Pinata

Decks by Jay Kristoff
Not that Innocent

Decks by Johannes Walch
Tyebot´s Chainsaw

Decks by John Eno / Kushiel
Time of Thin Blood

Decks by Jon Glass/marandamir
Smiling Imbued
Martel's Puppets
Hungry Rabbat
Marcus's Obedient Hunters
Marcus's Obedient Hunters 2008

Decks by Josh Duffin
all powerful
all powerful 2

Decks by Jyhad
Hunters Reckoning

Decks by Kamel Senni

Decks by Karl George Schaefer
Black Hand Imbued Deck

Decks by Klaital
For Vengeance!

Decks by Kleber Souza
Imbuido Australiano e Modificações

Decks by Lasombra
The Imbued embrace Protect Thine Own
Champion Vigilantes
Vigilantes 08
Louhi's Mental Maze
Inspiration Strikes

Decks by Laurie Goulding
What's an Equip Action?
Imbued: The Eternal Resentment

Decks by Marcin Watras
Inspire the World

Decks by Mark Loughman
Dogs and Cats Living Together

Decks by Mark Merlin Peterson
The Vengence of the Scholar
Destroying the World to Save It

Decks by Matthew Avery
Angel of Conviction

Decks by Mattias Kallenberg
We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Decks by Matt Morgan
Inspiring Innocents

Decks by Meta
Jennie's tracking the evil dead

Decks by Michael Holmberg
City of Champions

Decks by Michael Streatfield
Luc-ky Imbued

Decks by Miklós Szilvester
Imbued Silver

Decks by Mirko Anconitani
Horrid Pact

Decks by Mirko Giovanni
Afifa's Imbued

Decks by Norman S. Brown Jr.
The Thin Red Line
Putting on the Foil, Coach!
Artificial Respiration
Mata Hari's Guide to a Better Life
Hektor gets you with his little friends
The Devil's Stepchildren

Decks by Olivier Perez
EC 2007 LCQ Winning Imbued
Imbued Dreams 3

Decks by Otso Turunen

Decks by Palo
Imbued deck

Decks by Pedro Paulo de Sousa Mendes
Imbued at Last

Decks by Peter D. Bakija
Technology Experiment
Some Sort of Imbued Deck!
Guedado Ghoul
Biothaumaturgic Imbued 2 - Reality Mix
Rabbat's Imbued

Decks by Peter Rophail
Outback's Imbued
Outback's Imbued II
Imbued Toolbox

Decks by Pierre Tran-Van
Back from Torpor

Decks by psych0tron
Imbued Wall

Decks by Qualta
Swarm Bleed

Decks by Ralf Lammert AKA Extrala
Imbued The Works

Decks by redlist
Brazilian Imbued

Decks by Reetta Lehikoinen
Imbued to Win

Decks by Roberta Crumplin
The Slow Withering

Decks by Robert Fängler
Mainz Imbued

Decks by Robyn Tatu
Powerless NAC LCQ 2007

Decks by Sergio Gracia
NO taste NO vitae

Decks by Sorrow
Geeks with Guns

Decks by Teemu Sainomaa

Decks by Tomasz Pietkiewicz
Speedy Imbued

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