White Wolf
Alex Ek & Erik Torstensson

Gothenburg Mini qualifier
Gothenburg, Sweden
April 14, 2007
12 players

Deck Name : Imbused
Author : Alex Ek & Erik Torstensson based on a deck by Joshua Duffin
Description : Played for the win by Erik Torstensson
Suggested post-tourney changes:
-1 Channel 10
-1 Forsee
-1 Hide
+1 Angel of Berlin
+1 Fortschritt Library
+1 Memories of Mortality
+1 Strike with Conviction (since we apperently built an 89 card deck)

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 5 average: 4.17
3x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne      5  inn jud vis  Imbued:4
2x Travis "Traveler72" Miller   5  mar def      Imbued:4
2x Inez "Nurse216" Villagrande  3  inn          Imbued:4
1x Erick "Shophet125" Franco    4  inn jud      Imbued:4
1x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon    4  def jud      Imbued:4
1x Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton 4  def vis      Imbued:4
1x Xian "DziDzat155" Quan       4  def inn      Imbued:4
1x François "Warden" Loehr      3  def jud      Imbued:4

Library [89 cards]
Ally [2]
  2x Vagabond Mystic

Conviction [23]
  6x React with Conviction
  9x Second Sight
  8x Strike with Conviction

Equipment [7]
  2x .44 Magnum
  1x Crusader Sword, The
  1x Heart of Nizchetus
  1x Ivory Bow
  2x Sport Bike

Event [5]
  1x Anthelios, The Red Star
  2x Edge Explosion
  2x Unmasking, The

Master [25]
  4x Angel of Berlin
  1x Barrens, The
  1x Brothers Grimm
  1x Channel 10
  2x Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  2x Direct Intervention
  1x Fortschritt Library
  1x KRCG News Radio
  4x Memories of Mortality
  1x Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
  2x Parthenon, The
  1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
  1x Society of Leopold
  1x Unity
  2x Wash

Power [20]
  3x Champion
  4x Discern
  1x Foresee
  1x Hide
  1x Inspire
  1x Project
  4x Rejuvenate
  5x Vigilance

Reaction [7]
  3x Determine
  4x On the Qui Vive

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