White Wolf
The Vengence of the Scholar
by Mark Merlin Petersen

Deck Name:   The Vengence of the Scholar
Created By:  Mark Merlin Petersen - hallofhadescourt // at \\

Ibn Khaldun supports Pedro and his fellow Avengers in a rush-fest. I've
gotten my ass kicked every time i've played this, but i think it has
some potential.

The basic idea is that Ibn Khaldun plays reactions as defense (Rewind
Time and Quicksilver Contemplation) and Inspire Greatness for rush
support on the imbued. When he's empty he fills up via Jake Washington
or Giant's Blood. It works until someone kicks the crap out of poor, 
empty, mostly defenseless Ibn Khaldun.  Leather Jackets have been 
added to stop this and to protect the squishies.

React With Conviction is the largest count of Conviction because I'm
using it to thwart Majesty.

Crypt: (12 cards)
  5  Ibn Khaldun                      for POT PRE TEM  7  True Brujah
  3  Pedro Cortez                     VEN MAR          4  Avenger
  1  Peter "Outback295" Rophail       RED VEN          4  Redeemer
  1  Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin            DEF VEN          4  Defender
  1  John "Cop90" O`Malley            JUD VEN          4  Avenger
  1  Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania     VEN VIN          4  Avenger

Library: (84 cards)
Master (12 cards)
  1  Giant`s Blood
  3  Jake Washington (Hunter)
  1  Fortschritt Library
  2  Angel of Berlin
  3  Haven Uncovered
  1  Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  1  Tabriz Assembly

Action (8 cards)
  4  Bum`s Rush
  3  Ambush
  1  Big Game

Action Modifier (8 cards)
  8  Inspire Greatness

Reaction (8 cards)
  3  Rewind Time
  3  Wake with Evening`s Freshness
  2  Banner of Neutrality

Combat (19 cards)
  12 Cleave
  2  Smite
  5  Weighted Walking Stick

Equipment (3 cards)
  2  Living Wood Staff
  1  Crusader Sword, The
  4  Leather Jacket

Event (5 cards)
  2  Edge Explosion
  1  Unmasking, The
  1  Blood Cult Awareness Network
  1  Torpid Blood

Combo (4 cards)
  4  Quicksilver Contemplation

Power (3 cards)
  3  Surge

Conviction (12 cards)
  6  React With Conviction
  4  Second Sight
  2  Strike With Conviction

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