White Wolf
Monster Hunter
Carlos Eduardo Ganso

2008 Tournament Rules

The Monster of BOB's
São Paulo, Brazil
July 11, 2009
17 players
3R + F

Carlos Eduardo Ganso's Tournament Winning Deck 
with 4 GW on the day and 4 VPs in the finals

Final Rank  Name    Prelim GWs Prelim VPs Final VPs       
1 Carlos Eduardo Ganso    3       11          4      

Deck Name : Imbued - Monster Hunter of BOBs
Author : Carlos Eduardo Ganso
Description :

Crypt (12 vampires) Capacity min: 3 max: 5 average: 4
3x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne      5  inn jud vis  Imbued:4
3x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon    4  def jud      Imbued:4
3x François "Warden" Loehr      3  def jud      Imbued:4
2x Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton 4  def vis      Imbued:4
1x Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania 4  ven vis      Imbued:4

Library (90 cards)
Action (3)
  1x Aranthebes, The Immortal
  2x Arson

Ally (3)
  1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
  1x Vagabond Mystic
  1x Wendell Delburton (Hunter)

Combat (2)
  2x Dodge

Conviction (19)
  5x React with Conviction
  7x Second Sight
  7x Strike with Conviction

Equipment (12)
  2x AK-47
  2x Crusader Sword, The
  1x Heart of Nizchetus
  3x IR Goggles
  1x Ivory Bow
  2x Leather Jacket
  1x Mark V

Event (5)
  1x Anthelios, The Red Star
  1x Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC
  1x Dragonbound
  1x Unmasking, The
  1x Veil of Darkness

Master (26)
  6x Angel of Berlin
  1x Archon Investigation
  1x Barrens, The
  2x Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  1x Elder Library
  1x Fear of Mekhet
  1x Gambit Accepted
  1x KRCG News Radio
  1x Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
  1x Mob Connections
  1x Momentum's Edge
  1x Not to Be
  2x Parthenon, The
  1x Police Department
  1x Powerbase: Chicago
  2x Tension in the Ranks
  2x Visit from the Capuchin

Power (14)
  2x Champion
  4x Discern
  3x Rejuvenate
  5x Vigilance

Reaction (6)
  5x Determine
  1x Poison Pill 

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