White Wolf
For Vengeance!
by Klaital
Here is the first draft of my vengeance rush deck. I really wouldn't mind 
to shrink the library a bit more but not sure of what to take out. Also 
thinking of putting at least one Beatrice Tremblay in the crypt also, as 
while her drawback is somewhat annoying, her +1 bleed would be very useful. 
Probably would take out the third copy of Pedro for 1. This obviously isn't 
that good against 'real' combat decks featuring vampires, but should be able 
to whoop non-combat decks rather well. I also am thinking of upping the 
number of Angel of Berlin as it speeds up the equipping a lot when I can 
just at my predators discard phase use it to equip someone.

2x Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania VEN VSN +1 bleed, weapons cost less, -1 stealth
3x John "Cop90" O'Malley JUD VEN burn conviction to rush monster
3x Pedro Cortez MAR VEN +1 strength, can't manuever to long, press to end or s:ce
2x Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin DEF VEN can burn conviction for +1 intercept or stealth if has a vehicle
2x Peter "Outback295" Rophail RED VEN can burn a conviction for a manuever against monsters

Library: 82

Conviction: 14
5x React with Conviction
5x Strike with Conviction
4x The Second Sight

Master: 12
4x Angel of Berlin
1x The Church of Vindicated Faith
2x Fame
1x Fortschritt Library
2x Haven Uncovered
1x Mob Connections
1x Tension in the Ranks

Event: 3
1x Dragonbound
1x Edge Explosion
1x Torpid Blood

Power: 4
4x Surge

Action: 9
3x Bum's Rush
3x Harass
3x Muse of Flame

Ally: 3
1x Carlton Van Wyk
1x Vagabond Mystic
1x Wendell Delburton

Combat: 28
16x Cleave
8x Fake Out
4x Pulled Fangs

Equipment: 9
1x Crusader Sword
4x Hawg
3x Leather Jacket
1x Living Wood Staff
The human kind will always remember me, not as a prophet, 
they remember me, not as an emissary, not as a savior, 
not as a hero, not even as Sebastian. They will only 
remember me as... Jack.

-Sebastian aka the Inquisitor

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