White Wolf
Weapons Cache
by Witness1

Deck Name: Weapons Cache
Created by: Witness1 - jwnewquist // at \\
Description: Alan Sovereign supplies the imbued.

Crypt [12]
2x Travis "Traveler72" Miller  4 mar def  Martyr:4
2x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon 4 def jud Defender:4
2x Francois "Warden" Loehr 3 def jud Judge:4
1x Marion "Teacher193" Perks 4 red jud Redeemer:4
1x John "Cop90" O'Malley 4 jud ven Avenger:4
4x Alan Sovereign (Adv)  6 for pre AUS DOM Ventrue:3

Library [90]
Masters (17)
6x Secret Horde
6x Angel of Berlin
2x Illegal Search and Seizure
2x Church of Vindicated Faith
1x Blood Doll

Conviction (16)
4x React With Conviction
6x Strike With Conviction
6x Second Sight

Event (8)
3x Dragonbound
3x Edge Explosion
1x The Unmasking
1x Torpid Blood

Power (14)
2x Champion
4x Rejuvenate
4x Vigilance
4x Discern

Equipment (9)
2x Leather Jacket
4x Assault Rifle
2x Submachine Gun
1x Crusader Sword

Ally (4)
3x Moise Kasavubu
1x Political Ally

Action (8)
2x Arson
3x Bum's Rush
3x Ambush

Combat (9)
3x Imprison
2x Boxed In
2x High Ground
2z Caseless Rounds

Action Modifier (1)
1x Conditioning

Reaction (4)
2x Deflection
1x Poison Pill
1x Delaying Tactics

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