White Wolf
The Devil's Stepchildren
Norman S. Brown Jr

2008 Tournament Rules

Deck Name : The Devil's Stepchildren
Author : Norman S. Brown Jr
Description :

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 7 average: 4.59
2x DeSalle                	 7  CEL POT PRE       !Brujah:4
2x Elihu                  	 6  POT PRE dai for   Baali:4
1x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne 	 5  inn jud vis       Imbued:4
1x Erick "Shophet125" Franco	 4  inn jud           Imbued:4
1x Leaf "Potter116" Pankowski	 4  inn red vis       Imbued:4
1x Maman Boumba           	 4  inn mar           Imbued:4
1x Xian "DziDzat155" Quan	 4  def inn           Imbued:4
1x Beatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay 3  inn ven           Imbued:4
1x Inez "Nurse216" Villagrande	 3  inn               Imbued:4
1x Liz "Ticket312" Thornton	 2  inn red           Imbued:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [6]
  6x Entrancement

Action Modifier [14]
  8x Inspire Greatness
  6x Iron Glare

Combat [14]
  6x Target Vitals
  8x Weighted Walking Stick

Conviction [18]
  6x React with Conviction
  6x Second Sight
  6x Strike with Conviction

Equipment [2]
  1x Ambulance
  1x Palatial Estate

Event [2]
  1x NSA Trio
  1x Unmasking, The

Master [15]
  1x Channel 10
  1x Church of the Order of St. Blaise
  1x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Dummy Corporation
  1x Gambit Accepted
  4x Liquidation
  1x Momentum's Edge
  1x Powerbase: Barranquilla
  1x Powerbase: Chicago
  2x Vessel
  1x Waste Management Operation

Power [14]
  1x Donate
  3x Hide
  3x Illuminate
  5x Inspire
  1x Rejuvenate
  1x Respire

Reaction [5]
  5x Iron Heart

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