White Wolf
Biothaumaturgic Imbued
Peter D Bakija

2008 Tournament Rules

Biothaumaturgic Imbued 2 - Reality Mix

So based on my actual cards available, here is my version of the Tremere 
Experiment deck:

4x Preston Varrick 	  (7) THA, DOM, OBF
1x Jennie Cassie Orne     (5) Jud, imbued get out of the hospital cheap
4x John Cop O'Malley 	  (4) Jud, Ven, built in rush
1x Marion Teacher Perks   (4) Jud, built in press
1x Jack Hannibal Harmon   (4) Jud, Def, built in maneuver
1x Francois Warden Loehr  (3) Jud, Def

6x Angel of Berlin
2x Church of Vindicated Faith
2x Blood Doll
1x Fame
1x Secure Haven
1x Chantry
1x Giant's Blood

6x React with Conviction
6x Strike with Conviction
5x Second Sight

4x Vigilance
1x Surge
1x Discern
1x Champion

4x Muse of the Flame
4x Harass

4x On the Qui Vive
4x Wake
8x Deflection
4x Murmur of the False WIll

6x Cloak the Gathering
2x Lost in Crowds

7x Biothaumaturgic Experiment
1x Magic of the Smith
1x Rutor's Hand
1x Leather Jacket
1x Flak Jacket
1x Hawg
1x Meat Hook
1x Ivory Box
1x Crusader Sword

1x The Unmasking

It is admittedly kind of preposterous. But it might do ok--lots of 
bounce (some of which doubles as bleed bonus), pretty good multi-rush 
Imbued tech. A lot of Convictions. I figured the Chantry is a good 
option, as otherwise I have no way at all to get Preston's Old Lady's 
car out of torpor. Hail Mary Champion if I get Jack or Francois. No 
cycling masters, as I couldn't find an unused Dreams, but I should 
probably get one in there anyway.

So you tool up John O'Malley with a couple Experiments, have him rush as 
needed. Bounce bleeds. Hopefully don't get totally whacked by stealth 

Maybe it'll work?

Peter D Bakija

"It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?"

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