White Wolf
Dancing Fools
Alex Broadhead

Trying again with an Imbued 'test' deck.  This one is, I think, more
conventional.  I tried it out in a test game against some of my other
decks and it ate the table, even with aniweenie intercept as a prey,
Anarch Revolts cross table, and stealth bleed as a predator.  I'd be
interested in the opinions of more expert/experienced Imbued players,
especially with regard to card counts.

It seemed like I ended up with a hand full of masters, events, and/or
equipment fairly often, though this wasn't actually a big problem, as
the Imbued played fine without really using my hand.  It did make me
consider adding a Parthenon or two, though, or reducing the master
count a bit.

Also, Angel of Berlin vs. Concealed Weapon - with only one master
phase action per turn (and shedloads of untapped minions due to
dancing), Angel of Berlin sat in my hand a lot.  I think swapping some
out for Concealed Weapons would be a good idea?  Swapping out a few
Jackets for a few more Grenades might also be wise?

Change of Target - what do people think?  It was good for flushing
wake/intercept cards, but maybe more Flash Grenades and Concealed
would be better?

Ossian seems popular in these sorts of decks, I guess because he can't
be used to rush Imbued if stolen?  I think I prefer Wendell here?

Do people see Blood Cult Awareness Network played?  It seems like a
good complement to Strained Vitae Supply here - another card that
makes basic bloating actions more easily blockable, and thus stirs up
vampire on vampire combat.  The other effect of completely hosing
breed decks is just gravy.



Deck Name:   Dancing Fools
Created By:  Alex Broadhead - wumpus - wumpus7 // at \\ comcast // dot \\ net
Description: Darby Dance deck with hunt-mucking tech to keep the
vampires dancing too.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 15, Max: 20, Avg: 4.41)
  1  Francois 'Warder' Loehr          DEF     JUD      3  Judge
  1  Eric 'Shophet125' Franco             INN JUD      4  Judge
  1  Jack 'Hannibal137' Harmon        DEF     JUD      4  Defender
  1  John 'Cop90' O'Malley                    JUD VEN  4  Avenger
  1  Marion 'Teacher193' Perks                JUD RED  4  Redeemer
  1  Xian 'DziDzati55' Quan           DEF INN          4  Defender
  3  Travis 'Traveler72' Miller       DEF         MAR  5  Martyr
  3  Jennie 'Cassie247' Orne              INN JUD VIN  5  Visionary

Library: (90 cards)
Master (18 cards)
  5  Angel of Berlin (Probably too many?)
  1  Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  1  Memories of Mortality
  1  Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
  1  Rose Foundation, The
  1  Slave Auction 
	(While this seems like good bloat tech for Imbued, 
	 I never had spare MPAs to take pool off of it!)
  2  Society of Leopold (Fewer?)
  1  Strained Vitae Supply (More?)
  5  Vampiric Disease (This was unbelievably good.)

Conviction (21 cards)
  5  React with Conviction
  7  Second Sight
  9  Strike with Conviction

Ally (4 cards)
  1  Gregory Winter
  1  Moise Kasavubu
  0  Ossian (Why is he so popular?)
  1  Vagabond Mystic
  1  Wendell Delburton (Hunter)

Equipment (19 cards)
  1  Argent Baton
  1  Crusader Sword, The
  6  Flash Grenade (More?)
  3  Laptop Computer
  6  Leather Jacket (Fewer?)
  1  Meat Hook
  1  Orb of Ulain

Power (14 cards)
  1  Champion 
	(Unnecessary/too expensive?  Or save in case of more effective S&B predator?)
  3  Discern
  1  Hide 
	(Never saw it, not sure it's worth keeping?  Maybe a Secure Haven instead?)
  3  Rejuvenate
  6  Vigilance

Action Modifier (6 cards)
  6  Change of Target (Pitch?)

Combat (3 cards)
  3  Pulled Fangs
  0  Concealed Weapon (Add some?)

Event (5 cards)
  0  Blood Cult Awareness Network 
	(Seems like it might be worth adding?)
  1  Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC
  1  Edge Explosion
  1  NRA PAC
  1  Thirst
  1  Unmasking, The

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