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There are 5 new rules introduced for the Imbued, and they are recorded below.

What are Imbued?

Rule: Imbued are new crypt cards. An imbued is considered a mortal ally, not a vampire. Imbued have 1 strength and 1 bleed, by default. Their cost is also their starting life, and it is specified on each card individually (like capacity). They have creeds (like clans). They have virtues (like Disciplines, but only one level). When they have zero life, they are incapacitated (like torpor) instead of being burned (see 5 below). Any "burn ally" effect will still burn an imbued, however.

How do we do what we do?

Rule: Conviction is a new card type. It is played in the untap phase, so it is an "untap" card, not a master or minion or discard (event) card. During your untap phase, you may play 1 conviction on each of your imbued. You may play these conviction cards from your hand or from your ash heap. When an imbued enters play with no conviction, he may gain 1 conviction from your library, hand or ash heap. In addition to their own effects, conviction cards may be spent (burned) to pay the conviction costs which some cards require. Each imbued has a limit of 5 conviction. Any conviction gained above five is burned instead.

How are we different?

Rule: Power is a new minion card type, only playable by imbued. An imbued may get a power as a +1 stealth action, like equipment or retainers. The imbued untaps if the action is successful. An imbued may not have two copies of the same power. Some effects or powers are "always on". Others have a card type icon (action, combat, etc.) indicating when and how the effect can be used. To use one of those effects, you must tap the power card (and pay whatever cost the effect requires). Standard rules for using such effects apply (e.g., a reacting minion must be ready and untapped). "Always on" effects are still on while the power card is tapped.

How do we define the world?

Imbued: a new minion type which counts as a mortal ally.

Monster: any vampire or non-mortal, non-animal ally or retainer.

Conviction: new card type.

Power: new type of action.

What happens when we are injured?

Rule: When an imbued has no life, he is placed in the incapacitated region (controlled but not ready). Effects which are not usable by an ally being burned are not usable by an imbued being incapacitated. Any minion may burn an incapacitated imbued and take his equipment as a (D) action. If that action is successful, then each ready imbued may burn 1 conviction to inflict 1 unpreventable damage on that acting minion. An imbued may leave the incapacitated region and gain a life (not to exceed his starting life) by burning 3 conviction during his untap phase. Note that an imbued gains a life (not to exceed his starting life) if he leaves the incapacitated region by any other effect, as well.

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