White Wolf
Imbued nerds
Janne Hägglund

2010 Tournament Rules

Here is the recent incarnation of my dear Imbued deck, whose roots go down to
my classic, pre-Ashur "Twist with Conviction".

I'm retiring this deck because it tries to do two things: the tried and true
"Imbued with Maleficia and Evil Eye", and my brand new concept: "Imbued with
Computer Hacking".  It works, but I'm not satisfied with it.  It suffers from
excess tinkering, both "I want this in, what can I take out" and "This does
not work, I'm taking it out, what should I replace it with".

But because it's trying to do too many things at once, and still is a viable
deck, it's an exellent deck to post to the newsgroup, so that people can
steal the ideas I had.

The two concepts in this deck:

1) Maleficia + Evil Eye:  This is a defense module that cancels offensive
   action cards.  It's absolutely brilliant against vote decks, sucks against
   permanent actions on crypt cards, such as Beast's permarush.  And it's
   always a joy to see people discarding Governs left and right.  :-)

2) Imbued + Computer Hacking:  Since the (righteous and well thought of)
   banning of Edge Explosion, the Imbued no longer can bleed for two at one
   pseudostealth each and every turn.  Using Computer Hacking with Second
   Sight should remedy that.

"Imbued nerds worship Satan" by HG, listed at 2010-12-7

Crypt (12):
   Francois "Warden" Loehr
   Jack "Hannibal37" Harmon
   Jennie "Cassie247" Orne
   John "Cop90" O'Malley
   Leaf "Potter116" Pankowski
   Maman Boumba
   Marion "Teacher193" Perks
   Travis "Traveler72" Miller
   Xian "DziDzat155" Quan
   Barbaro Lucchese
2x Midget

Library (90):
Masters (35, 12 trifles):
   Archon Investigation
10xAshur Tablets
   The Church of Vindicated Faith
   The Coven
   Direct Intervention
   Institution Hunting Ground
2x Life in the City
5x Liquidation
8x Maleficia
2x The Parthenon
   Pentex Subversion
   Secure Haven

Action (16):
16xComputer Hacking

Powers (2):
2x Vigilance

Equipment (6):
6x Deer Rifle

Combat (5):
5x Concealed Weapon

Action Modifier (1):
   Veil the Legions

Combo (8):
8x Evil Eye

Event (1):
   The Unmasking

Conviction (16):
5x React with Conviction
8x Second Sight
3x Strike with Conviction


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