White Wolf
Hunters Reckoning
by Jyhad
Now, while I've very little like for the Hunter set, I did acquire 
enough of the cards from the Pre-release to build a functional deck. 
The original version didn't have any Gehenna cards. But when someone 
mentioned and essentially reminded me about the fact that most Event 
don't affect them I figured I'd abuse it.

Crypt (16)

Maman x1
Jennifer x2
Anna x1
Jennie x1
Paul x1
Travis x2
Inez x1
Earl x1
Jack x1
Lupe x1
Beatrice x1
Marion x1
Xian x1
Francois x1

MC (17)

Angel of Berlin x2
Sudden Reversal x8
Secret Passage x2
Dummy Corp x2
Barrenx x1
Wall Street Night x1

Conviction (13)
Strike with Conviction x5
Second Sight x5
React with Conviction x3

Event: (16)

Fall of the Sabbat x1
Wormwood x1
Blood Weakens x1
Conquest of Humanity x1
Thirst x1
Slow Withering x1
Torpid Blood x1
Fall of the Camarilla x1
Recalled to the Founder x1
Becoming of Ennoia x1
Absimiliard's Army x1
Veil of Darkness x1
Blood Trade x1
Nightmares upon Nightmares x1
Fueled by Heart's Blood x1
Anthelios, the Red Star x1

Powers: (13)

Rejuvenate x4
Vigilance x4
Inspire x2
Surge x2
Project x1

Allies: (3)

Wendell Delburton x1 (cool since i don't have to worry 
		      'bout my vamps taking two unpreventable damage)
Vagabond Mystic x1
Gregory Winter x1

Equipment: (11)

Sniper Rifle x1
Flash Grenade x7
Spike Thrower x2 (granted only usable at long 
		  and I've no manuevers but I figured why not)
.44 Magnum x1

Reactions (5)

Determine x5

Combat: (12)

Inflict x4
Concealed Weapon x8
Let your plans be dark and as impenetratable as night, 
and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt. 
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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