White Wolf
Fifty-Sixty, or, Two plus two equals five, sometimes

"Fifty-Sixty, or, Two plus two equals five, sometimes"

Crypt (12)
1 Banjoko Las 5 obt pot DOM BH Seraph, soon to be replaced with Mosfair, or maybe some yet-to-be-seen weenie BH !Brujah
2 Wah Chun-Yuen !Bru 5 cel dom pre POT BH
1 Katherine Stoddard !Ven 4 dom for BH
1 Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon Def 4 def jud maneuver
1 John "Cop90" Malley Ave 4 jud ven can rush monsters
1 Lupe "Cabbie22 Droin Def 4 def ven no-good special this time
1 Xian "DziDzat155" Quan Def 4 def inn gets a Conviction if blocks a monster&survives
1 Mariano Pomposo !Bru 4 aus cel pot BH
1 Inez "Nurse216" Villagrande finds Inspire from your library/ash heap
2 Tupdog Gar 1 none because I fear that I either get 4 Imbued, or 4 vampires to my starting crypt.

-I could use the Visionaries in order to use Unity and Determine, but alas! they are 
 in another hybrid deck. And I have bounce already in there.

Library (60)

Conviction (12)
4 React With Conviction
4 Second Sight
4 Strike With Conviction
-you know, these too make the deck kind of tighter

Master (16, 3 Trifle)
2 Angel of Berlin
2 Blood Doll
1 Church of Vindicated Faith, The
1 Direct Intervention
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
3 Corporal Reservoir
1 Dominion
1 Fortschritt Library
2 Waste Management Operation
1 Weeping Stone

Action (1)
1 Black Hand Ritual
-in the game I played this deckI managed to use the BH Ritual to get rid of Anthelios. 
 And Break the Code is quite common here...

Action-Power (8 )
2 Champion
1 Inspire
2 Rejuvenate
2 Surge
1 Vigilance

Action Modifier (3)
3 Change of Target
-my bounce-happy prey almost fell from his chair from dismay as I cycled one of these 
to my hand via WMO something like 4 times in a row

Combat (6)
1 Disarm
2 Dodge
1 Fake Out
1 Pulled Fangs
1 Weighted Walking Stick

Equipment (5)
2 .44 Magnum
1 Ivory Bow
2 Leather Jacket

Reaction (6)
4 Deflection
2 Wake with Evening's Freshness, soon to be replaced with On the Qui Vive

Event (3)
1 Blood Weakens
1 Edge Explosion
1 Unmasking, The
-3 is the maximum number of Events I want to use, my experience shows that playing 
of the 3 major sucks-to-be-a-vampire Events means too much crosstable hate. 

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