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The Cutout

I had an idea...

Power. Redemption
Tap this imbued before range is determined to to end combat between 
a monster and a mortal. If the mortal is a minion other than this 
imbued, you may move a conviction to this imbued from your hand or 
ash heap.

Eccentric Billionaire
Ally. Toreador. 3 pool
Mortal with 1 life. 0 strength. 2 bleed.
Billionaire may tap to reduce the cost of an equipment or location you 
or one ofyour minions play by 1 blood or pool. Only one billionaire may 
be used to reduce the cost of a given card.

See the synergy there? Here's a stab at the deck:

2x Liz Thornton 	2 Inn Red
3x Leaf Pankowski 	4 Inn Red Vis
2x Anna Suljic 		6 Red Vis
5x Cristos Mantigo 	5 aus dom obf !Toreador, fetch equipment special

1x Fetish Club Hunting Ground
1x Rose Foundation
1x Church of Vindicated Faith
3x Sunset Strip, Hollywood
2x Charisma
1x Secure Haven
3x Blood Doll
5x Angel of Berlin
2x The Parthenon
2x Heidleberg Castle

7x Eccentric Billionaire
1x Moise Kasavubu

3x Deer Rifle
3x Laptop Computer
6x Flash Grenade
1x Ivory Bow

7x Concealed Weapon
4x High Ground

1x Augur
4x Abjure
3x Determine
3x Hide
4x React with Conviction
4x Second Sight
4x Strike with Conviction

5x Veil the Legions
5x Forgotten Labyrinth

4x Deflection

Thoughts? This does seem a bit clunky to me.

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