White Wolf
Imbued + Roger = Wormwood
by Ilya Ginsburg

Deck Name:   Imbued + Roger = Wormwood
Created By:  Ilya Ginsburg - Ector // at \\
Description: Roger and his mortal friends bring the Gehenna

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 15, Max: 19, Avg: 4,16)
   4  Roger Farnsworth                 aus OBF  4  Malkavian Antitribu
   3  Travis "Traveler72" Miller       DEF MAR  5  Martyr
   2  Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin            DEF VEN  4  Defender
   2  Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton     DEF VIN  4  Visionary
   1  Francois "Warder" Loehr          DEF JUD  3  Judge

Library: (87 cards)
Master (22 cards)
   1  Servitor of Irad
   2  Fortschritt Library
   4  Visit from the Capuchin
   1  Rose Foundation, The
   1  Church of Vindicated Faith, The
   3  Vampiric Disease
   1  Strained Vitae Supply
   2  Society of Leopold
   2  Parthenon, The
   1  Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
   1  Powerbase: Los Angeles
   1  Blood Doll
   1  Admonitions, The
   1  Slave Auction

Action (14 cards)
   8  Lock
   5  Sibyl`s Tongue
   1  Black Hand Ritual

Action Modifier (8 cards)
   8  Cloak the Gathering

Ally (2 cards)
   1  Moise Kasavubu
   1  Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)

Equipment (4 cards)
   1  Tapestry of Blood
   1  Crusader Sword, The
   1  Sport Bike
   1  Sniper Rifle

Event (15 cards)
   1  Unmasking, The
   1  Thirst
   1  Slow Withering, The
   1  Restricted Vitae
   1  Recalled to the Founder
   1  Nightmares upon Nightmares
   1  Anthelios, the Red Star
   1  Wormwood
   1  Edge Explosion
   1  Fall of the Camarilla
   1  Blood Weakens
   1  Torpid Blood
   1  Fueled by Heart`s Blood
   1  Veil of Darkness
   1  Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC

Conviction (15 cards)
   8  Second Sight
   4  Strike with Conviction
   3  React with Conviction

Power (10 cards)
   2  Champion
   2  Surge
   3  Project
   3  Rejuvenate

This is a variation of the "Road Movie to Berlin" deck posted by
Witness1 in his Hunter newsletter. Since it's the Malkavian antitribu
newsletter, this deck should have some !Malks, and it really does.
Roger Farnsworth serves as a support for Imbued here, fetching needed
cards with Sibyl's Tongues, Cloaking their Gathering and working as a
host for Servitor of Irad and Admonitions. Having a 4-cap vampire that
can perform such important tasks really enhances deck a lot.
This is almost pure combo deck. You should play Wormwood as soon as
possible, preferable at turn 2, and Sibyl's Tongues are invaluable for
fetching the needed cards. Your ultimate goal is having The Unmasking,
Wormwood, Edge Explosion and three more Gehenna events to ensure that
there would be no vampires with capacity 7 or more, and nobody would
be able to block your Imbued with Projects. It would be absolutely
evil to play Recalled to the Founder and ensure that there would be no
vampires with capacity above 5, too. Thirst and Nightmares upon
Nightmares will be the top-priority cards against weenies, and Fall of
the Camarilla will defeat a lot of Camarilla decks.
Obviously, most of your cards will hurt Roger, too, but he is needed
mostly at the beginning of the game. He can play Cloak the Gathering
even empty or tapped, and if he get Tapestry of Blood, he's going to
get 1 blood almost each turn. The deck even includes Blood Doll to
regain a few pool from him - after all, some Imbued can Rejuvenate him
even without the Tapestry.
You should try to have at least one ally with this deck, since it
definitely won't stay against the whole table. And you really have
something to offer: you can block some actions that may hurt your ally
and "feed" his vampires with Rejuvenate. You can also remove one of
your own Gehenna events (or Break the Code played by somebody else)
with Black Hand Ritual, and this can be used to gain an ally - for
instance, if you burn Fall of the Camarilla.
The key of victory is acting quickly. In theory, by turn 6 you can
have Roger, Travis Miller with Project and two other Imbued, all six
key Gehenna cards in play, Parthenon, Church of Vindicated Faith and
Champion with The Crusader Sword. This would be an ideal. Some slower
decks need 3-4 turns to setup, and they can be overwhelmed by your
cards - for instance, if you play Wormwood on turn 2 and another
Gehenna event on turn three, third-turn Arika will be unable to Govern
Queen Anne or Suhailah.
This deck has quite a lot of hand cycling, and it really needs it,
considering its primary goal and the fact that playing Gehenna event
eats your discard phase. Powerbase: Los Angeles is priceless here,
since it allows you do discard something (usually Convictions).
Admonitions is also extremely good. Visit from the Capuchin is needed
to negate the "don't replace" lines on your Gehenna cards, but it
helps to find the needed cards, too. And don't forget Servitor from
Irad!  Actually, Servitor is going to be the second target after
Wormwood, since it REALLY helps. You'd like to see your Convictions in
your ash heap, not in your hand. Obviously, when you will influence
out your Imbued, you should give them Convictions from your hand
first, then from your library, and only then from your ash heap.

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