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White Wolf
Luc-ky Imbued
Michael Streatfield

2008 Tournament Rules

Tournament Name: Mozambique Allure
Tournament Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Tournament Rounds: 2R+F
Tournament Date: 30th August 2008
Number of Methuselahs: 9

Michael won the tournament with this deck, which won with 2.5 VPs on
the final table and 3.5VPs in the 2 prelim rounds.

Deck Name: Luc-ky Imbued
Deck Creator: Michael Streatfield
Deck Notes: Imbued with Gehenna events. Stripped down after banning
cards so added Gehenna to level the field

Crypt: 12 minions

4 Luc Malk Anti OBF dem vis     + 1stealth diablerie. OBF and +3
	hand size to accelerate conviction discards and find events

2 Travis "Traveler72" Miller
1 Jennie "Cassie247" Orne
1 Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania
1 John "Cop90" O'Malley
1 Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton  Should have more
2 Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon 	Maneuver for crusader or ivory bow
1 Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin

Library: 89 Cards
(A fame was accidentally left out.)
1 Dreams of the Sphinx
2 Information Highway
1 Effective Management
5 Angel of Berlin
1 The Barrens
1 The Parthenon
1 Forschritt Library - Essential for Unmasking (to save convictions)
1 The Rose Foundation
2 Church of Vindicated Faith, The
2 Blood Doll
1 Fame

2 Vagabond Mystic
1 Ossian - Scare table
2 Moise Kasavubu - Fetch equipment (esp. the laptops)
1 Gregory Winter - Eat vamps, 1 bleed
2 Laptop computer
1 Nightstick
1 .44 Magnum
1 Ivory Bow
1 Crusader Sword
1 Sengir Dagger
2 Leather jacket
1 Hawg

!Malk support:
4 Sibyl's Tongue - Fetch Church, Unmasking, Info Highway, Moise
1 Bum's Rush
1 Arson - for intercept locations

Action Modifiers
4 Cloak the Gathering - Help minions over
2 Veil the Legions
1 Lost in Crowds

4 Determine - Cancel pred/prey action card or Bleed bounce.
2 On the Que Vive

Imbued Tech:
6 Second Sight
6 Strike with Conviction
3 React with Conviction

4 Vigilance
3 Rejuvenate
1 Discern
1 Champion

2 Fake Out
1 Dodge
1 Trap - For Ossian
2 Boxed In - For Ossian

1 The Unmasking
1 Recalled to the Founder - Priceless. Gives you minion superiority. Needs 2 Gehenna.
1 Wormwood - Not so useful in this deck. Needs 1 Gehenna
1 The Slow Withering - Just plain nasty
1 Thirst - Thin down weenies. Not so useful with Recalled
1 Nightmare upon Nightmares

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