White Wolf
Hunters in Africa
2008 Tournament Rules

Deck Name: Hunters in Africa
Created by: Antero
Description: An Imbued masterdeck w/Laibon support

Crypt (12)
2 Jennie Orne Jud 5 inn jud vis: Imbued move to ready region with ease
1 Travis Miller Mar 5 def mar: moves blood to uncontrolled Imbued
1 Jack Harmon Def 5 def jud: gets an optional maneuver
1 Leaf Pankowski Red 4 inn red vis: may tap to gain Convictions
1 Paul Moreton Jud 4 def vis: more counters to uncontrolled Imbued
1 Francois Loehr Vis 4 def vis: actions against him cost more
1 Dolie Aku 3 abo ani
1 Kamaria Ose 3 aus pot
1 Panya, The Wicked Ish 3 cel pre
1 Meno Ngari Aku 2 abo
1 Misrak Ose 2 pot

-The Laibon vampires are there to allow me to use PB Tshwane, 
to work as chump bleeders/blockers, and perhaps to become minor 
political powers via Kholos.

Library (90)

Conviction (15)
4 React with Conviction
6 Second Sight
5 Strike with Conviction

Master (37)
5 Angel of Berlin
1 Brothers Grimm
1 Channel 10
2 Church of Vindicated Faith, The
1 Direct Intervention
4 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Failsafe
2 Fortshritt Library
2 Information Highway
1 KRCG News Radio
1 London Evening Star, Tabloid Newspaper
1 Mbare Market, Harare
5 Parthenon, The
2 Powerbase: Tshwane
1 Rose Foundation, The
1 Smiling Jack, The Anarch
2 Therbold Realty
1 Vulnerability
1 Wall Street Night, Financial Newspaper
1 WMRH Talk Radio
1 Unity

-There is some synergy between Angel of Berlin, Failsafe, Unity 
and Parthenon, as AoB(+equipment) and Unity may let you to fine-tune 
your pool amount in order to use Failsafe. In fact the original 
version boldly used AK-47's and Assault Rifles but I was a wussy 
and moved to smaller guns. Meaning also that poor underused Jennifer 
Vidisania was axed.

Action Modifier/Reaction (2)
1 Akunanse Kholo
1 Osebo Kholo

Ally (2)
1 Carlton Van Wyk
1 Vagabond Mystic

Combat (7)
4 Concealed Weapon
3 Target Vitals

Equipment (10)
4 .44 Magnum
2 Flash Grenade
1 Crusader Sword, The
1 Heart of Nizchetus
1 Sniper Rifle
1 Sport Bike

Political Action (1)
1 Rumors of Gehenna
-sometimes a single vote card is enough to pass a vote...

Power (7)
2 Discern
2 Rejuvenate
3 Vigilance

Reaction (6)
3 Determine
3 On the Qui Vive

Retainer (1)
1 Mr. Winthrop

Event (2)
1 Anthelios, the Red Star
1 Unmasking, The

-I feel that there is too much cards in the Library, but honestly, 
I can't figure how to cut the library size to, say, 80 cards :( 
Oh and just for the record, this deck has been played thrice; 
one GW, one draw, and one devastating defeat (in that game I managed 
to draw exactly one master card (Parthenon) in first 4 rounds although 
I discarded a card every round and played a Conviction from my hand to 
my first Imbued. What were the odds for that?)

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