White Wolf
Some Sort of Imbued Deck!
Peter D Bakija

So I'm putting together an imbued deck to, ya know, use all those
Nights of Reckoning cards I have floating around. My two main aims for
this deck are:

A) Avoid pissing off the whole table just by sitting down with it.

B) Have a few small vampires in there just for doing things like
hypothetically killing Smiling Jack, being Blood Dolls, and
diablerizing when convinient.

Here is my initial attempt:

1x Earl Deams (6) Jud, Vis, +1 stealth.
3x Jennie Orne (5) Inn, Jud, Vis, Get out of Hosptial cheap.
2x Jack Harmon (4) Def, Jud, Optional Manuver.
1x Paul Moreton (4) Def, Vis
1x Francois Loehr (3) Def, Jud, Costs extra blood to get him.
1x Inez Villagrande (3) Inn, Get her a power when she enters play.
1x David Morgan (3) +1 intercept vs vampires under 3 cap.
1x Nedal the Careless (1)
1x Sandra White (1) Make someone burn a pool when she diablerizes their vampire.

6x Angel of Berlin
4x Memories of Mortality
2x Church of Vindicated Faith
2x Blood Doll
1x Fortschritt Library
1x Rose Foundation
1x Specialization
1x Unity
1x Vigil: The Thin Line
1x Vox Domini

10x Strike with Conviction
6x Second Sight
6x React with Conviction

6x Vigilance
6x Discern
3x Rejuvinate
1x Forsee
1x Hide
1x Inspire

8x Determine
4x On the Qui Vive
2x Poison Pill
1x Delaying Tactics

6x Leather Jacket
3x Improvised Flamethrower
1x Crusader Sword

2x The Unmasking
2x Edge Explosion
1x Anthelios

So my "clever" plans include using Determine to defend my pool,
building permanent defense with Unmasking, Discern, and Second Sight
(which I'd use 8 of, but apparently I only won 6...), bleed with Strike
with Conviction, and use my weenie vampires (2 Caitiff with no
noticable disadvnatge and a guy with conditional +1 intercept) to
generate some blood as Blood Dolls to back up the Church of Vindicated
Faith. Having no votes at all, I figure I should have some vote defense
(Poison Pill, DT, Vox Domini) along with the intercept. Some Leather
Jackets and Improvised Flame Throwers add a bit of combat defense. It
only has non debilitating Events (well, Unmasking and Edge Explosion,
with an Anthelios just in case I need one to get Edge Explosion in

Likely not the best Imbued deck ever, but possible one that is viable.
Any ideas?

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