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This website and its list are intended as means for helping the imbued come to terms with themselves, the world, and the truth. They are intended to help people with our condition to understand themselves and what appears to be the real reality. You may come here for the first time, desperate for answers or confirmation that this is how it is now. Or you may have come here for the first time after finding your own meaning, and now you need help to carry on.

Ultimately, this list is about communication, to reassure and support one another and to share whatever information we can about them. Together we stand. Divided we fall. When you join the list, you remain anonymous. No one, myself included, learns who or where you are, and no one will as long as you remain discreet in your posts. That said, share everything you know and learn about them. Your knowledge could mean the difference between life and death for other members.

However, understand this: They could be among us. These creatures already seem to pervade the world. It would be naive of us to believe that they are not pervasive on the Internet as well. The enemy may infiltrate this list, pose as one of us or simply lurk, as they do in all other things, and wait for some signs of weakness to prey upon. So, learn what you can from this list, but do not take it all as gospel. One member's information may save you. Another "member's" may get you killed.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a trading card game in which two or more players take on the roles of ancient vampires known as Methuselahs. Methuselahs are considered mere legend by younger vampires. Younger vampires think that they pursue their own ends... even as they are being used by one Methuselah to undercut the influence of another. Throughout the world, Methuselahs manipulate their minions to frustrate the designs of the other Methuselahs, just as they have for as long as they can remember. These eternal struggles, sometimes covert and subtle, sometimes open and spectacular, are collectively known as the Jyhad.

Hunter: The Reckoning is a game. Like board games, you play it around a table with friends. The difference here is there is no board, and there may not even be any pieces. However, itís still a game. It is not real life. Monsters are the products of our imaginations. They are not real. You are not a monster hunter. Itís that simple. If you canít distinguish reality from fantasy, put this book down and walk away. For everyone else, have fun.

Text on this page from pages 4 and 10 of Hunter: The Reckoning.
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