White Wolf
Gehenna Hunter
by FuzzyJuan took some fiddleing but I think I have a working gehenna 
hunter deck...I've given it a few dry runs to shake some of the 
kinks out and I think it will be ok at least...tell me what you think...

It appears to be able to run off of the permanents fairly well, 
excessive manuvers are a bit of a problem but unavoidable unless 
I want to start using guns more. As a rule, always fish for a 
conviction rather than play from the hand or grave when given 
the oppertunity...especially with this deck since it does not 
have that many cards that can just cycled very fast. The imbued 
still manage to chew through the deck pretty quickly, especially 
once edge explosion and a couple of vigilance come out...I don't 
actually have a few of the events yet...but I am working on it...


Crypt: 12

2 Pedro cortez 4 ven mar (+1 str, no manuvers to long or end combat as a strike)
3 Travis Miller 5 mar def (may move 2 from blood bank to uncontrolled hunter for 1 conv)
2 Jack Harmon 4 def jud (manuver first round of combat)
2 Earl Deams 6 jud mar vis (+1 stealth, burn 1 conv if 3+ hunters controlled)
2 lupe Droin 4 ven def (Burn 1 conviction for 1 stealth or intercept if she has vehicle)
1 John O'Malley 4 ven jud (burn 1 conviction to enter combat)

Library: 90 cards

Masters 18
3 Angel of berlin
2 Church of Vindicated Faith
Vigil the thin line
KRCG News Radio
2 Memories of Mortality
Vampiric disease
Elder Library
The Rose Foundation
information highway
Powerbase LA
millicent smith puritan vampire huter
Tension in the Ranks

Conviction 15
5 Strike with conviction
5 React with Conviction
5 Second sight

Events 12
2 Edge explosion
blood cult awareness network
The unmasking
Torpid blood
Nightmares upon Nightmares
restricted vitae
blood weakens
the slow withering
Dr. Marissa Fletcher CDC

Powers 19
3 Donate
3 Vigilance
4 Rejuvination
2 Surge
2 champion
2 discern

Ally 1
Moise Kasavubu

Equipment 6
Sport Bike
Living wood staff
Crusader Sword
Sengir Dagger
Ivory Bow
Orb of Ulan

Action 3
2 Bum's rush

Combat 16
2 smite
3 inflict
5 cleave
2 dodge
2 fake out
2 pulled fangs
(\ /)
(O.O) This is Bunny.
(> <)

(\ /)
(O.O) <-----<< This is Bunny being killed.
(> <)

... (\ /)
  <-(X.X)--<< This is Bunny dead.
... (> <)

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