White Wolf
Oh the Humanity
chris shorb

Deck Name : Oh the Humanity
Author : chris shorb
Description :
Imbued stake your vamps down, then the Dom vamps steal them.  Throw a 
Temptation in there just for Amenophobis.  Fun?

It's pretty much Jud Obf Dom.  Maybe too many moving parts, but I feel 
like with the right tuning it can flow.  No doubt I'm crazy...

John's your Imbued star, with Jack for back up (he's got a maneuver...)  
Amen is your vamp star, with Echo as your back up.

If you get all Vamps or All imbued, well, kiss your behind goodbye... 
Maybe better to have 1 more Imbued and 1 less vamp.  Maybe 2 each of 
Jack and either Marion or Erick...

best -


Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 4 max: 7 average: 5.5
3x Amenophobis                7  OBF SER dom pre      primogen Follower :4
3x Echo                       7  CEL OBF POT aus dom           Nosferatu:4
3x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon  4  def jud                       Imbued:4
3x John "Cop90" O'Malley      4  jud ven                       Imbued:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [11]
   5x Bum's Rush
   2x Govern the Unaligned
   3x Graverobbing
   1x Temptation

Action Modifier [16]
   6x Cloak the Gathering
   2x Conditioning
   2x Lost in Crowds
   6x Veil the Legions

Combat [13]
   5x Concealed Weapon
   3x Fake Out
   5x Imprison

Conviction [14]
   6x React with Conviction
   2x Second Sight
   6x Strike with Conviction

Equipment [6]
   6x Wooden Stake

Event [5]
   2x Edge Explosion
   1x NSA Trio
   1x Torpid Blood
   1x Unmasking, The

Master [11]
   3x Blood Doll
   1x Direct Intervention
   2x Dreams of the Sphinx
   1x Fortschritt Library
   3x Memories of Mortality
   1x Sudden Reversal

Power [3]
   3x Vigilance

Reaction [11]
   6x Deflection
   5x On the Qui Vive

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Thu Jul 19 14:23:55 2007]

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