White Wolf
Imbued at Last
Pedro Paulo "PepÍ" de Sousa Mendes

2007 Tournament Rules

Campeonato Juizforano 2007
City: Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Date: December 16th, 2007
Players: 23
Tournament Winner: Pedro Paulo "PepÍ" de Sousa Mendes

Tournament winning deck:

Deck Name: Imbued at Last
Author: Pedro Paulo "PepÍ" de Sousa Mendes
Description: The deck's goal is to setup as fast as you can by
depleting your library and to use Unity/Anthelios to cycle back
whatever master you need the most at the time.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 5 average: 4.42
4x Travis "Traveler72" Miller	5  mar def      Imbued:4
3x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne	5  inn jud vis  Imbued:4
2x Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton	4  def vis      Imbued:4
2x Francois "Warden" Loehr	3  def jud      Imbued:4
1x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon	4  def jud      Imbued:4

Library [60 cards]
Action [1]
  1x Aranthebes, The Immortal

Ally [3]
  1x Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
  1x Ossian
  1x Wendell Delburton (Hunter)

Conviction [14]
  4x React with Conviction
  5x Second Sight
  5x Strike with Conviction
-- It was enough. I never needed more than this.

Equipment [3]
  1x Crusader Sword, The
  1x Heart of Nizchetus
  1x Ivory Bow
-- Heart is no good when it shows up late, but this is a small price
to pay when compared to how good it is when I draw it early (it was
decisive in the final table).

Event [3]
  1x Anthelios, The Red Star
  1x Edge Explosion
  1x Unmasking, The
-- I only packed the extremely necessary events, so I wouldn't draw
any extra table hate, and was lucky enough to put all 3 in play in
every game. The decks runs wonderfully with those 3 on the table.

Master [25]
  2x Angel of Berlin
  1x Barrens, The
  1x Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  1x Direct Intervention - saved me a lot of times, unfortunately 
	I couldn't pack more than one.
  1x Fortschritt Library
  6x Memories of Mortality
  1x Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter - no comments needed.
  3x Parthenon, The
  1x RŲtschreck
  4x Slaughterhouse, The - useful either to speed deck depletion 
	or to trade for something useful under Anthelios.
  1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch - crucial contest in the final table.
  1x Tension in the Ranks
  1x Unity
  1x Wash - not as effective as I expected, but also not a hassle
	    because it's trifle.

Power [8]
  2x Champion
  2x Discern
  1x Rejuvenate
  3x Vigilance - I started to win a game when I had those three in play.

Reaction [3]
  3x Determine

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