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Robyn Tatu

Robyn's First Hunter Deck:

As it turns out, my best event of the NAC 2007 weekend was while playing 
this deck.

I played the "powerless" deck because after practicing for several
hours with Darby the night before, I was much too overwhelmed with the
hundred moving parts to go in with my original "Donate" deck.
Besides,  I was on a mission to show everyone how not offensive and
vulnerable hunters really are.

I still feel like good players can make them unstoppable, but good
players can make any deck they play "seem" that way.

"Hey, it's just me; your old friend Robyn... and some

When I influenced the first one in the first game I was expecting some
big table hate but I was fortunate enough to have breeder decks as
predator and prey, so attention was deflected off of my hunter deck
somewhat.   Ben Peal, my prey in the first round, seemed terribly
depressed for the first half hour of the game, but he gave me no flak
at all.  Turns out his deck didn't have much to offer anyone, it was
going to be a race to see if he could get his prey before I got him.

I told everyone who would listen that I was paying homage to our dear
friend and Hunter master, John Newquist,  who could not be in LA with
us and to show folks that the Hunters were not the big-bads they're
thought to be.   I also got lots of complements on the shirt that was
sporting a cute pic of my cat.

The person who I was most afraid of was Paul Johnson, he and I have
teamed up to oust hunters before so I was expecting some campaigning
along these lines.   Sure enough he sat as my first Predator.
He commented later that without the events hammering his game he
really enjoyed watching their mechanics and said I made them look like

My grand predator Nat, killed Paul, I came within two pool of killing
Ben, Ben got his prey and just as he was ramping up for another lunge
time was called.  Everyone was shocked.  We were all having a good
time and it didn't seem possible that two hours had passed.

As for the deck, I  never saw ANY of the events in the first two
games. I never had to worry about Jennie Orne as at every practice
round before and during all three games I never got the opportunity to
influence her. I got the Church of Vindicated faith 5 turns before the
end of the first game and forgot it 3 times.   LOL.

THe next round had me sitting as Darby's prey.  Oh, Great.
I took it as an opportunity to take the mentor down and headed on down
that road.  We each had guns, which made the going slow.  Darby put
out all the events I still wasn't seeing.
By the end of the game he was leaving me with a glimmer of hope he
might royally screw something up and let me oust him.  I contested the
Vagabond Mystic, Ivory Bow and Carlton Van Wyck and was really looking
forward to one more turn.   I don't remember if he was able to oust
his prey or not, but the round timed out shortly after that turn.

The third round had me preying on my husband with yet another Hunter
deck. I had Specialization in my opening hand which was just
fantastic. The deck was performing like an orchestra. Mike Nilsen sat
as as David's prey and wasted no time back bleeding David right out of
the game.    Although controversial, it was the best he could do
because if he went forward, Robert, playing the Celerity gun deck,
would just have rushed backwards on him.  Robert attempted to play a
Haven Uncovered on his first master phase only to discover that
Hunters don't have Havens, so he put it on himself.

Mike got Robert but not before Robert used 6 Infernal Pursuits to
exhaust his deck.  David was kind enough to ask me if I was going to
play my Edge Explosion before he died.  He could've played it, but
said he didn't want to reward Mike by making my game impossible.

I was able to equip the Champion which served to stop two big bleeds
and send the bleed-y offenders to torpor with the Crusader Sword so I
ended up with the game win.

I was surprised how smoothly I was able to play, how fast my turns
went, with tips from Darby and John, and just how much fun I had with
the deck.
.............and hey, I sat in rounds that timed out and it was NOT my
fault, for once!

POWERLESS:  After David Tatu After Witness1

2 Travis Miller 
2 Jack Harmon 
1 Maman Boumba 
1 Marion Perks 
1 Jennifer Vidisania 
1 John O'Malley 
2 Jennie Orne 
1 Leaf Pankowski 
1 Erick Franco 

1 Bums Rush
1 Aranthebes

3 Direct Intervention
4 Angel of Berlin
1 Specialization
1 Archon Investigation
1 Church of Vindicated Faith
1 Filchwares Pawn Shop
1 The Rose Foundation

8 Wooden Stake
11 Flash Grenade
20 Concealed Weapon
1 Crusader Sword
1 .44 Magnum
1 Ivory Bow

1 Champion
1 Vigilance
1 Discern

1 Torpid Blood
1 The Unmasking
1 Thirst
2 Edge Explosion

1 Carlton Van Wyck
1 Gregory Winter
1 Mylan Horseed
1 Vagabond Mystic

9 Strike With Conviction
7 Second Sight
6 React with Conviction

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