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White Wolf
Turbo-Wormwood Mk2
Ilya Ginsburg - Ector

Deck Name:   Turbo-Wormwood Mk2
Created By:  Ilya Ginsburg - Ector 
Description: Luc replaces Roger in bringing out the Gehenna

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 15, Max: 20, Avg: 4,5)
  4  Luc                              dem vic OBF      5  !Malk
  3  Travis "Traveler72" Miller       DEF MAR          5  Martyr
  2  Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin            DEF VEN          4  Defender
  2  Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton     DEF VIN          4  Visionary
  1  Francois "Warder" Loehr          DEF JUD          3  Judge

Library: (86 cards)
Master (18 cards)
  1  Fortschritt Library
  4  Visit from the Capuchin
  1  Rose Foundation, The
  1  Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  3  Vampiric Disease
  1  Strained Vitae Supply
  2  Society of Leopold
  1  Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
  1  Powerbase: Los Angeles
  1  Blood Doll
  1  Slave Auction
  1  Servitor of Irad

Action (13 cards)
  8  Lock
  5  Sibyl`s Tongue

Action Modifier (8 cards)
  8  Cloak the Gathering

Ally (2 cards)
  1  Moise Kasavubu
  1  Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)

Equipment (5 cards)
  1  Tapestry of Blood
  1  Crusader Sword, The
  1  Sport Bike
  1  Sniper Rifle
  1  Heart of Nizchetus

Event (15 cards)
  1  Unmasking, The
  1  Thirst
  1  Slow Withering, The
  1  Restricted Vitae
  1  Recalled to the Founder
  1  Nightmares upon Nightmares
  1  Anthelios, the Red Star
  1  Wormwood
  1  Edge Explosion
  1  Fall of the Camarilla
  1  Blood Weakens
  1  Torpid Blood
  1  Fueled by Heart`s Blood
  1  Veil of Darkness
  1  Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC

Conviction (15 cards)
  8  Second Sight
  4  Strike with Conviction
  3  React with Conviction

Power (10 cards)
  2  Champion
  2  Surge
  3  Project
  3  Rejuvenate

This is a variation of my "Turbo-Wormwood" deck (see the April
newsletter) with Luc instead of Roger Farnsworth. Luc is slightly
bigger, and he cannot use Black Hand-specific cards (Admonitions and
Black Hand Ritual), but his ability should make the deck much stronger.

Instead of the lost cards, this deck got Heart of Nizchetus. With Luc
and the Heart you're almost guaranteed to play a Gehenna card each

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