White Wolf
Rabbat's Imbued
Peter D Bakija

2008 Tournament Rules

I think the version I just played was something like:

4x Rabbat (7) ANI, OBF, FOR, pot
1x Anna Suljic (6) Vis
2x Jennie Orne (5) Vis
2x Jennifer Visidana (4) Vis
1x Leaf Pankowski (4) Vis
1x Paul Moreton (4) Vis
1x Krid (2) obf

6x Angel of Berlin
2x Church of Vindicated Faith
2x Vessel
1x Giant's Blood
1x Labyrinth
1x Rose Foundation
1x Secure Haven

8x Strike with Conviction
4x React with Conviction
3x Second Sight
8x Determine
10x Freak Drive
6x Rolling with the Punches
6x Unflinching Persistence
2x Undead Persistence
2x Rapid Healing
8x Swallowed by the Night
6x Hidden Lurker
4x Drawing out the Beast
4x Disengage
2x Kindred Intelligence
2x Aaron's Feeding Razor
1x Unlicensed Taxicab

And yeah, ok, it won a 3 player game. But my prey was a stealthless !
Bru fighty vote deck (so my reliable +1 intercept stopped his
important votes) and my predator both never did anything to me at all
*and* blocked the rest of my prey's votes. And Rabbat even got to
Hidden Lurker kill one of my prey's guys 3 different times during the
game. But I'm not remotely convinced that this deck is anything other
than funny but mostly a bad idea.

-Peter D Bakija 
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