White Wolf
Henry & the Hunters

++56(?) card Henry & the Hunters deck++
by hollowboy icantbelievehollowboywasalreadytaken // at \\ hotmail // dot \\ com

The plan: Aggravate your prey with steady small bleeds. Block
everything. Reload cross-table buddies by using Rejuvenate, Jake
Washington and Life in the City. Win with Smiling Jack.

I padded the deck up to 60 cards by including a few burnables, since I
don't own enough Hunter cards to make a full deck (I only got 8
boosters from this set, then bought and borrowed some extra
convictions). The small library works well with WMO, it allows Jake to
get munched over and over again, or for fetching back masters that I
had to pitch earlier.

How it ran: Surprisingly, I never got much use from Henry. I just
noodled around a lot setting up, walling against my predator, and
blocking the occasional action (to keep my prey from powering up).
Once the table's vamps had seen some action, and blood totals were
low, I simply went forward, bleeding and/or punching with Strike with
Conviction. Since I had Rejuvenate + Vagabond Mystic, I could take
minor strikes and keep coming back.

5 Henry Taylor - 5 cap !Bru
2 Francois Loehr - 3 cap Hunter
2 Jack Harmon - 4 cap Hunter
1 Xian Quan - 4 cap Hunter
1 Paul Moreton - 4 cap Hunter
1 Lupe Droin - 4 cap Hunter

--General cards--

Jake Washington
3 Life in the City
KRCG News Radio
Smiling Jack the Anarch
Dreams of the Sphinx
Storage Annex
WMRH Talk Radio

4 Leather Jacket
2 Effective Management
2 Weighted Walking Stick
Vagabond Mystic
Mr Winthrop
Sport Bike
Carlton Van Wyk

--Henry module--

2 Protean
Waste Management Operation
The Rumour Mill
Powerbase Montreal

4 Forced Awakening
3 Earth Meld
2 Form of Mist
Rapid Change
Earth Control

--Hunter module--

2 Rejuvenate
2 Discern
2 Vigilance

5 Second Sight
4 Strike with Conviction
3 React with Conviction

The Unmasking

--Burn cards--

3 Tracker's Mark
High Orun

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