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Talbot’s Hunters
David Tatu

It was two Saturdays before the NAC and we were having our standard V:TES Atlanta 
play session. We were all sad that John (Witness1) would not be able to attend the 
NAC with us. We all feel that he is one of the strongest and most innovative Imbued 
players in the world. It is our feeling that the new set will put a dent in the 
number of Hunters seeing play in the tournament scene so we felt that this was 
a “last chance” to play with them in a major event. John came up with the great 
suggestion: people other then him can also play the imbued! After thinking about 
this for a while, Robyn, Jeff and I all decided this was a great idea. So we all 
planned to meet next Saturday to try out our imbued decks prior to flying out to LA.

I had already won a tournament with my version of John’s Powerless deck (Lafayette 
Qualifier) so I had a deck ready but I wanted to try something else. I remembered a 
while back that John had an idea for a Talbot’s Chainsaw mutli-rush deck. I did a 
little Googling and then developed this deck:

Talbot’s Hunters
David Tatu after Witness1

Crypt (12): 
4x Jennie Orne		Visionary INN JUD VSN Leave incap for 2 conviction 
1x John O'Malley        Avenger   JUD VEN     built-in rush 
2x Francois Loehr       Judge     DEF JUD     (D) actions cost extra 
1x Erick Franco		Judge     INN JUD     gains conviction on rush 
2x Jack Harmon		Defender  DEF JUD     optional maneuver 
1x Marion Perks		Redeemer  JUD RED     optional press 
1x Travis Miller 	Martyr	  DEF MAR     Travis action

Library (90) 
Master (14)
6x Angel of Berlin 
1x Memories of Mortality 
1x Fame
1x Church of Vindicated Faith 
1x Specialization 
1x Unity 
2x Direct Intervention
1x Tension in the Ranks
1x The Barrens

Event (7)
1x The Unmasking 
1x Torpid Blood 
2x Edge Explosion 
1x Dragonbound

Equipment (14)
2x Flak Jacket
3x Talbot’s Chainsaw
1x Ivory Bow
2x Heart of Nizchetus 
1x Orb of Ulain 
2x Laptop Computer 
1x Crusader Sword 
1x Sport Bike
1x Leather Jacket
Powers (12) 
6x Vigilance 
1x Hide 
2x Champion 
2x Rejuvenate 
1x Inspire

Ally (2)
2x Vagabond Mystic

Combat (9)
3x Boxed In
3x Fake Out
3x Glancing Blow

Reaction (5)
3x Determine 
2x Poison Pill 

Action Modifier (2)
2x Change of Target
Conviction (25)
9x Second Sight 
7x React With Conviction 
9x Strike With Conviction

I never got a chance to play the deck prior to the LCQ. I don’t know if that really 
hurt me. It was the seating and “Imbued Rage” that caused me the most problems. 

There were 4 official members of Hunter Net at the event (Jeff, Robyn, Darby and I) 
and one rogue player (Laurie Goulding) out of a total of 41 players at the LCQ.

In round 1 I was seated at a 4 top. That works well for a rush deck but seated behind 
me was Darby. His Hunter deck was of course a Darby dance of the bleeding sort. He got 
all the pool gain cards (Travis, Church) and neither of us got Jennie. I felt that my 
deck would still work without Jenny but it would be a slow downward spiral if I had to 
burn 3 convictions to get out of the Hospital each turn. So I held off until turn 7 
before asking an Angel to bring me my saw. I figured I could go 5 turns before I ran 
out of convictions and ended up with everyone in the hospital. I was about right. I 
got my Lasombra prey (only lost one guy to an entombment) by putting all his vamps in 
torpor and bleed him out along with the help of a Fame. The round timed out at turn 
12 with me getting the only VP. So on to the 2nd round, hopefully without any other 
mortals at the table.

Round 2 had Mike Courtois (Big Tzimisce), Preston Poulter (Eze), Me, Ben Peal (Lasombra 
Breed and Boon) and Josh Duffin (something with votes). I got out Francois first. On 
turn two Preston played Smiling Jack. I bleed for 2 and got out another minion. When 
everyone had a minion out, I asked if anyone intended to take out Jack or where they 
all happy to see me go. The general consensus was to get me off the table and then play 
a “normal” game. Josh Duffin even KRC’ed me for three to speed things along. So I raced 
for a VP. I got Ben to 2 or 3 pool and Jack was at 6 when Josh called an Ancient 
influence to kill me off on Turn 9. Mike went on to get 2 VP so I guess his play was 
justified. Josh got zero VP’s. ‘nuff said ;)

So onto round 3. Once more a 4 top and once more a hunter behind me. This time it was 
Robyn playing the Powerless deck. In front I had Mike Nilson (classic !Malk SB) and 
the 4th was my arch-nemesis, Robert Goudie (Weenie gun swarm/haven with Black Cat). 
Robyn and I did a crypt check and all was well with that. We both got someone out. 
Mike got out Midget. Mike announced that if he went forward, Robert would back rush 
him and Mike does not like an Imbued predator so he felt his best chance was to back 
oust me. I pointed out that if he did that he would still have an Imbued behind him 
and would still have to oust Robert at some point. He was not swayed by my crazy table 
talk. Robert played a Haven on his own vamp because he could not play it on Robyn and 
he was pretty happy with Mike going backward around the table. Mike bleed me almost 
out but then realized that Robert has taken himself down to 11 pool. Mike needed to 
top deck one card to oust Robert so he went for it. He ousted Robert and then finished 
me off next turn. He lost to Robyn in the end game but he did improve his position by 
going backward so I cannot fault his play.

So in the end I did not do so well representing the Hunters. I only got the chainsaw 
out in one game. I have tweaked up the deck and will give it another run someday. 
It should be a lot of fun and pretty effective. 

David “000Club” Tatu

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