White Wolf
Guedado Ghoul
Peter D Bakija

So I totally bit the basis of this deck of Adam Hulse, who won a 
tournament with a kind of similar deck, but I added the clever Imbued 
angle to make it extra ousty, and am just posting it here 'cause I am so 
very entertained by this deck. I played it twice tonight and won both 
games, although I certainly had advantageous seating both times.

"Guedado Ghoul"

4x Ana Rita Montana (5) VIC, dom, obf
4x Guedado (4) vic, obf
1x Droescher One-Eye (3) vic
1x Jennifer "Flame61" Vidisania (4)
2x Beatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay (3)

Library: (60)
Masters: (9)
2x Blood Doll 
1x Fame 
1x Forschritt Library
2x Memories of Mortality 
1x Left for Dead 
1x Mob Connections 
1x Powerbase: Tshwane 

Action: (2)
2x Root of Vitality
Action Modifier: (14)
6x Changeling 
4x Veil the Legions 
2x Faceless Night 
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
Action Modifier/Combat: (4)
2x Plasmic Form 
2x Swallowed by the Night
Ally: (9)
3x Corpse Ballon
1x Mr. Winthrop
1x J.S. Simmons, Esq.
1x Vagbond Mystic
3x War Ghoul 

Combat: (8)
4x Meld with the Land 
2x Boxed In
1x Breath of the Dragon
1x Chiropteran Marauder
Conviction: (3)
1x React with Conviction 
1x Second Sight 
1x Strike with Conviction
Event: (1)
1x The Unmasking
Reaction: (10)
6x Deflection 
4x On the Qui Vive 

So clearly, get out an ally or retainer, get out a War Ghoul with extra 
stealth, have the +1 bleed Imbued bleed either for 3 through a hole or 
for 2 at stealth (Well, Beatrice at least) while the War Ghoul makes 
that hole. If one of the Imbued end up uncapacitated, I'm thinking that 
you can burn them to make a War Ghoul, as War Ghoul does not specify 
"ready" ally or retainer (although my recent history on being up to date 
with all necessary rulings is spotty, at best).

I'm a little sketchy on the Root of Vitality, but at least it fits in 
the deck--they should probably be extra Vagabond Mysitcs. The Boxed Ins 
could be Traps or Fake Outs or something, but I figure the generic press 
is better for general deck use--the Ghouls can press to continue killing 
someone in an optimal situation, and everyone else can use them to press 
to end in a sub-optimal situation.

Probably gets killed by sitting next to a very fighty deck, but against 
low combat, it seems to do pretty well.

If I draw both Imbued, I'll get out Beatrice and use her till she is 
either burned or I am in oust range, and then get out Jen. Yeah, 
Beatrice will stab her in the face till she is uncapacitated, but then, 
well, Jen turns into a War Ghoul anyway...

The deck could be bigger if, ya know, I had more War Ghouls.

Peter D Bakija

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