White Wolf
nontable poison wall deck
Cory Busch Kendall

2010 Tournament Rules

Reunion Kamut
Columbus, Ohio
June 23, 2010 
42 players
2R + F

Cory Busch Kendall's Tournament Winning Deck

Deck Name: imbued nontable poison wall deck
Created by: Cory Busch Kendall

Crypt [13 minions] Capacity min: 3 max: 5 average: 4
3x François "Warden" Loehr	3  def jud      Imbued:4
2x Jennie "Cassie247" Orne	5  inn jud vis  Imbued:4
2x Erick "Shophet125" Franco	4  inn jud      Imbued:4
2x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon	4  def jud      Imbued:4
2x Marion "Teacher193" Perks	4  red jud      Imbued:4
1x Travis "Traveler72" Miller	5  mar def      Imbued:4
1x John "Cop90" O'Malley	4  jud ven      Imbued:4

Library [76 cards]
Ally [3]
  1x Moise Kasavubu
  1x Vagabond Mystic
  1x Wendell Delburton (Hunter)

Combat [20]
  3x Concealed Weapon
  4x Dodge
  9x Glancing Blow
  4x Manstopper Rounds

Conviction [12]
  4x React with Conviction
  4x Second Sight
  4x Strike with Conviction

Equipment [14]
  1x Crusader Sword, The
  2x Flak Jacket
  1x IR Goggles
  2x Kevlar Vest
  2x Leather Jacket
  4x Sniper Rifle
  2x Sport Bike

Event [1]
  1x Unmasking, The

Master [15]
  6x Angel of Berlin
  1x Church of Vindicated Faith, The
  1x Information Highway
  1x KRCG News Radio
  1x Lupine Assault
  1x Parthenon, The
  1x Rose Foundation, The
  1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
  1x Society Hunting Ground
  1x Vigil: The Thin Line

Power [11]
  1x Champion
  4x Discern
  2x Rejuvenate
  4x Vigilance

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