White Wolf
Twist With Conviction, version 2.0
Janne Hägglund

2008 Tournament Rules

I hastily modified my favorite imbued deck to conform to the 2008 tournament rules: 
no Edge Explosion, no Memories of Mortality.

I had time to play it once at our regular casual pub game night.  I gained 0 VP, 
because my prey backousted me.  (I miscalculated the amount of stealth he had in 
hand.  He had only one stealth card in his ash heap, but when I attempted to 
intercept and kill all his minions for the oust, it started raining Obfuscate.  
He played two KRCs, sent 6 damage my way, and my predator had easy pickings.)

I explained the purpose of the deck challenge to my fellow players and asked them 
if this deck was a viable one, capable of game wins.  They unanimously agreed it 
was a fine and dangerous deck.

Twist With Conviction, version 2.0

Empty your library (and bloat) with Liquidations, fetch the cards you need with 
Waste Management Operation.

CRYPT: (12 cards, all group 4)
2x François "Warden" Loehr   imbued  3 cap  jud  targeting costs more
2x Jennie "Cassie 247" Orne  imbued  5 cap  jud  cheaper hospital
2x John "Cop90" O'Malley     imbued  4 cap  jud  rush
   Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon imbued  4 cap  jud  maneuver
   Marion "Teacher193" Perks imbued  4 cap  jud  press
   Alessandro Garcia         !Bru    4 cap    +1 str against Lasombra
   Jayne Jonestown           !Bru    2 cap       lots and lots
   Patrick                   !Bru    4 cap
   Smash                     !Bru    3 cap

LIBRARY: (66 cards)
Masters: (19 + 2 trifles = 21)
   Angel of Berlin
   Archon Investigation
   Channel 10
   The Church of Vindicated Faith
   Direct Intervention
   Gang Territory
   KRCG News Radio
6x Liquidation
   Sudden Reversal
4x Waste Management Operation
   WMRH Talk Radio

Convictions: (17)
5x React with Conviction
6x Second Sight
6x Strike with Conviction

Events: (2)
   Narrow Minds
   The Unmasking

Powers: (7)
3x Discern
4x Vigilance

Combat: (6)
   Boxed In
   Concealed Weapon
   Dragon's Breath Rounds
   Fake Out
   Glancing Blow

Equipment: (8)
   .44 Magnum
   The Crusader Sword
   IR Goggles
   Ivory Bow
   Laptop Computer
   Saturday-Night Special
   Sniper Rifle

Allies: (3)
   Carlton van Wyk
   Gregory Winter
   Vagabond Mystic

Reaction: (2)
   On the Qui Vive
   Poison Pill

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