White Wolf
Drive-by Cleaving
by Antero

Got sumthin to say myself, as I have been playing quite similar deck, 
but with more toolboxing (partly for the reason I only have 3 Surges). 
Though I have to say that a few Rejuvenates and Vigilances (to multi-rush 
(sort of) cannot be wrong. Of all my Imbued decks I have played I like 
this the most as this does not work with the formula build up your powers, 
try to survive until you win, but with good ole bruise bleed. Below my deck 
for comparison:

"Drive-by Cleaving"
by Antero

Crypt (10/12)
1 Jack Harmon Def 4 def jud maneuver
1 Jennifer Vidisania Ave 4 ven vis cheap weapons, +bleed, -stealth
2 John O'Mallet Ave 4 jud ven can atttact a monster at a cost of conviction
3 Lupe Droin Def 4 def ven vehicle special
2 Pedro Cortez Ave 4 mar ven +strength wont back up
1 Francois Loehr Jud 3 def jud actions against him cost blood=life
2 Tupdog Gar none because I want to avoid more duplicates even if they do not combo well w/TitR

Library (78)

Conviction (13)
4 React wit Conviction
4 Second Sight
5 Strike with Conviction

Master (11)
6 Angel of Berlin
1 Church of Vindicated Faith
1 Fame
1 Fortschritt Library
1 Haven Uncovered
1 Tension in the Ranks
-I had to drop extra Fames, Havens etc. as I wanted to include more Angels 
of Berlin, in order to get more Equipment without actions. Like IR Goggles 
as I have stacked on my Fake Outs a few times.

Action (6)
2 Ambush
2 Bum's Rush
2 Harass
-No Muse of Flame; playing it here is a Lure the Reaper maneuver

Action-Power (7)
2 Rejuvenate
3 Surge
2 Vigilance

Ally (2)
1 Carlton Van Wyk
1 Vagabond Mystic

Combat (23)
13 Cleave
5 Fake Out
2 Pulled Fangs
3 Weighted Walking Stick
-WWS's spare Convictions

Equipment (11)
1 Crusader Sword
4 Hawg
2 IR Goggles
1 Laptop Computer
3 Leather Jacket
1 Living Wood Staff
-I like the fact that Hawgs are actually useful in this kind of deck

Retainer (1)
1 Tasha Morgan

Event (3)
1 Edge Explosion
1 Thirst
1 Dragonbound
-No Torpid Blood. Why? Many cleaves and hand size of 5=bad. Thirst is just 
a gate event for EE. And can screw Embraces if lucky.

I have played this deck four times I think and won twice. The thematically 
nicest moment was when Jennifer found Renegade Garou via Muse of Flame 
(I had 2 of those earlier in the deck) and used some Cleaves to kill it
\m/ The Hell has frozen over \m/

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