White Wolf
Road Movie to Berlin
by Witness1

Deck Name: Road Movie to Berlin
Created by: by "witness1" -- jwnewquist // at \\
Description: Cabbie22 and her fellow Defenders engineer a blood shortage.

Crypt [12]
3x Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin  4 def ven  Defender:4
3x Travis "Traveler72" Miller  4 mar def  Martyr:4
2x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon 4 def jud Defender:4
2x Francois "Warden" Loehr 3 def jud Judge:4
1x Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton 4 def vsn Visionary:4
1x Xian "Dzidzat155" Quan 4 def inn Defender:4

Library [90]
Conviction [15]
7x Second Sight
4x React With Conviction
4x Strike With Conviction

Masters [26]
4x Vampiric Disease
1x Direct Intervention
2x The Parthenon
4x Angel of Berlin
1x The Church of Vindicated Faith
1x The Rose Foundation
1x True Faith
2x Specialization
2x Life in the City
1x Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
1x The Barrens
1x Society of Leopold
1x Vox Domini
1x Not to Be
2x Fortschritt Library
1x Vigil: The Thin Line

Events [13]
1x Nightmares Upon Nightmares
2x Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC
1x The New Inquisition
1x Thirst
1x Wormwood
1x The Unmasking
1x Restricted Vitae
1x The Slow Withering
1x Anthelios, the Red Star
2x Blood Cult Awareness Network
1x Edge Explosion

Actions [9]
8x Lock
1x Arson

Equipment [12]
4x Sniper Rifle
1x The Crusader Sword
1x Orb of Ulain
4x Sport Bike
2x Flak Jacket

Ally [3]
1x Wendell Delburton
1x Carlton Van Wyk
1x Moise Kasavubu

Powers [10]
4x Rejuvenate
2x Discern
2x Vigilance
2x Champion

Combat [2]
2x Fake Out

This deck is designed to shut down your predator and prey, putting
their vampires into hunt loops whenever possible. Life in the City is
for easing the pressure your Vampiric Disease and Gehenna events cause
your cross-table allies. It can also lock down a Diseased vampire for
another turn before burning the disease counter if he's empty. True
Faith on Wendell Delburton with the Crusader sword burns vampires, but
the cards are plenty playable if you draw them in the wrong order.
Millicent Smith can and additional Vampiric Disease or Angel of Berlin
can be retrieved with Anthelios. Dr. Marisa Fletcher burns hunting
vampires. Arson should torch hunting grounds when possible. The deck
is currently untested, and has little offense against other hunter
decks besides Cabbie Striking With Conviction at stealth. Imbued
predators will still be hurt by Sniper Rifles, however.

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