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by Witness1

INHERIT THE EARTH: Hunter Newsletter, Volume I

Table of Contents:

II. THE HERE AND NOW (Introduction)
III. SURVIVAL GUIDE (General tips and strategies)
IV. I HAVE HEARD THE MESSAGE (Focus on the Crypt)
V. THE HUNTER'S EDGE (Focus on the Edges)
VI. TOOLS OF THE HUNT (Focus on the Library)


"Subject: Our Agenda
From: witness1

If you've found this site, you're either my ally or my enemy. In
consideration of my ignorance, I will speak to you both. In brief, I
seem to have been granted powers by a mysterious entity. Others have
benefited likewise. With these powers comes knowledge, and thus the
end to which they should all be used.
I have built this site for the benefit of half of you. (Hopefully the
other half won't take it seriously until it's too late.) I feel the
role I'm to play in the war - that seems the only appropriate word
- now brewing is one of investigation and discovery. This website
also has a secondary benefit of allowing us imbued to communicate. Yet
the site's primary function, it's "mega-function," if you will,
is to provide me with data. Without input, I cannot provide output.
Without nutrients, a flower will not bloom. The news likely to be
posted here will not conjure thoughts of roses, but a free world by
any other name would smell as sweet."


Welcome to the Official V:EKN Hunter Newsletter! The Nights of
Reckoning expansion brings a lot of new toys to the table, and we're
here to help you make sense of it all. Whether you intend to build
decks focused around imbued Hunter crypts, mix them with vampires in
your crypt, or simply prepare yourself to struggle against their
tricks, this newsletter is meant for you.

Each issue may focus on one or more of the new imbued crypt cards and
edge-related ("discipline") cards that hunter can use. Many
newsletters will include a focus on other library cards that are not
necessarily edge-or hunter-specific, but are quite useful in
hunter-themed decks. There will also be general tips and strategies
for both all-imbued decks and mixed hunter/vampire decks. When
possible, a sample deck will be included at the end of the newsletter.

Also, if anyone is interested in maintaining a newsletter for a
particular creed of the imbued, I would greatly encourage and
appreciate it. I plan to introduce each of the creeds over the next
few months, but if and when individual newsletters are started I will
use this one to fill in any gaps that remain, and focus on mixed creed
and mixed hunter/vampire strategy.


This month's survival guide will attempt to explain the new rules
associated with the imbued and expand on how they might be used to
help or hinder us in play. In the order they appear on the numbered
rules cards:

1 - Imbued

Though they are crypt cards, the imbued are not considered vampires;
they are mortal allies instead. Their "capacity" is instead a
starting life value (and the cost in pool and transfers). They have a
default bleed and strength of 1. They belong to one of seven creeds
and have one or more virtues. The creed is a group designation, much
like clan, and represents that imbued's outlook and purpose in the
hunt.  Each creed has a corresponding set of powers that comes easily
to them (the creed's primary virtue), and individuals may have access
to any other creeds' virtues as well as her own. Each virtue has only
one level, unlike disciplines.

Allies have many obvious weaknesses - cards like Entrancement, Far
Mastery, and Entombment make it far easier for the imbued to be stolen
or burned than it is for vampires. A wise Methuselah should always
have a plan for protecting his imbued from these kinds of effects. Orb
of Ulain, intercept to block minion stealing actions, True Faith, and
dodges in combat are all worthwhile. Mixed decks can and in many cases
should plan "recovery" operations, just in case - Warning Sirens
is a versatile tool granting intercept to block Entrancement-type
actions or dodges to prevent burning in combat.

Being allies also brings tremendous benefits to the imbued when. In an
all-imbued deck, your minions are immune to a number of effects, such
as Millicent Smith, Vampiric Disease, and a whole host of detrimental
event cards. You also get a huge boost from cards like The Unmasking.
You don't particularly fear aggravated damage. Mixed crypts can take
some advantage of all those things, and also make great use of many
Obeah cards like Resurrection, Heaven's Gate, or Panacea.

2 - Conviction

Conviction is what drives hunters to stare down monsters night after
night. It fuels their second sight and empowers their bodies to take
the fight to the enemy. Conviction represents a hunter's inner
strength and passion for the hunt.  In V:tES, conviction is
represented by cards that are played on hunters to be later spent on a
variety of effects. Whenever any imbued comes into play, his
controller may play one conviction card on him from that player's
hand, library, or ash heap - unless the hunter already has one or more
conviction. In addition, during your untap phase, you may play a
conviction card from your hand or ash heap on each of your controlled
imbued. No imbued may have more than 5 conviction cards at a time;
excess conviction is burned. Each conviction card has its own effect
for which it may be burned, but they may also be used to pay the
conviction cost of various cards, return an incapacitated imbued to
the ready region, or punish minions who burn incapacitated imbued (see
"Incapacitated" below).

One of the most important things about conviction is that it can be
fetched from your library in the early game, and retrieved from the
ash heap later in the game. This means that it is never necessary to
hold a single conviction card in your hand! Cards like the Barrens or
Specialization are therefore incredibly useful in decks that want to
utilize the imbued to their fullest extent. Unfortunately, you're
also vulnerable to Victim of Habit - not only will you take a fair
amount of pool damage; your precious conviction will also be removed
from the game! You should probably always block this action if
possible, but if it goes off, it's not the end of the world -
manage your conviction expenditures wisely and avoid placing the third
copy of the targeted conviction card in your ash heap. Also remember
that you have the first opportunity to use effects during your own
untap phase, so you may be able to move the excess cards onto your
controlled imbued before your opponent can make you a Victim.

Since a hunter will likely get two chances to play a conviction card
before he acts (one when he comes into play, and one during the
untap), and maxes out at five conviction cards at one time, a deck
should probably have 2-5 conviction cards per hunter you intend to
bring into play. That's a pretty wide range, and the actual number
will depend on the focus of the deck. A deck which uses fewer hunters
or very few cards with conviction costs will probably store more
conviction on their hunters at one time so they can quickly retrieve
any imbued that becomes incapacitated as well as having more
conviction available for their secondary effects. Decks that use a lot
of conviction-costing cards will likely be able to utilize fewer
conviction cards per hunter, since they will be paying costs and
retrieving the spent cards from the ash heap. Only playtesting will
ultimately reveal the best mix of convictions for any given deck.

3 - Powers

Power cards are similar to equipment or retainers. An imbued who meets
its requirements may acquire a power as a +1 stealth action, untapping
if that action is successful. An imbued may not have two copies of the
same power. Some powers grant abilities that are always on, while
others have a timing symbol (such as action modifier or reaction)
depicting when they may be used. Abilities with a timing symbol
require tapping the power card to gain the effect, but "always on"
abilities will work even if the card is tapped. A hunter using a
power's effect with a timing symbol must meet the normal requirements
of playing that type of card; for example, to use a power as a
reaction he must be untapped and ready.

Powers are a great resource for Hunters, allowing them to take
multiple "gearing up" actions in a single turn or gain intercept
powers and untap to stand ready to use them. Powers often come with a
cost, though, in conviction or the cost of burning the power card
itself, in order to use their effects.. Also, much like the Go Anarch
action card, the built-in untap that comes with the power may drive
your prey to block the first action knowing that doing so will stop
both your equip and whatever action you were going to take later, so
don't be afraid to make deals to avoid those blocks.

4 - Icons and Terms

There are several new icons and terms associated with Nights of
Reckoning, but monsters are the reason we Hunt. A monster is any
non-mortal, non-animal minion or retainer - that's right, even
monstrous retainers are vulnerable to the powers of the imbued!
Monster is a term with no rules directly associated with it (other
than it's definition), but many of the cards within this set only
affect monsters, or are more effective against them. As such, hunter
decks will be poorly suited to square off against each other unless
specific precautions are taken against that eventuality.

Also included on this rules card are the symbols for the seven creeds
of Hunter and their favored edge paths. The symbols of the creed are
nearly the same as those of the namesake path. The creeds (and paths)

Avenger (Vengeance) - These hunters are passionate firebrands who
want to see monsters punished for their crimes against humanity. The
moderate members of this creed are willing to see a monster 'saved'
when it means their resources can be allocated more directly against
more threatening creatures, but every avenger resents the very
existence of monsters.

Defender (Defense) - These hunters are among the toughest of the
imbued, and typically see the hunt as a struggle for survival. While
most would be perfectly happy to kill every monster on earth, they're
far less enthusiastic about the idea than Avengers. When other imbued
want to take the fight to the enemy, Defenders argue for importance of
defending home and hearth, and making sure there's a world left worth
saving by the time the war is done.

Innocent (Innocence) - Typically thought of as nave by other
hunters, the Innocent see monsters as victims of either their own
greed or some darker power's designs, and seek to bring peace to the
walking dead. Many innocents understand that some rampaging monsters
can only be stopped with violence, but all will try to avoid fighting
when possible.

Judge (Judgement) - Followers of the path of Judgement are discerning
and thoughtful. Though they tend to view monsters in general as
enemies to be fought, each Judge has a method of prioritizing targets
and rendering them harmless as quickly and easily as possible.

Martyr (Martyrdom) - Whether motivated by guilt or altruism, members
of this creed are willing to put themselves in overwhelming danger in
to protect their brethren or take down an enemy. While they don't
necessarily view the hunt as an all-out war, they're always ready to
stand in harm's way if it means someone else doesn't have to.

Redeemer (Redemption) - By far the most likely to view the hunt as a
religious calling, members of this creed seek to bring monsters back
into the human flock. Their outlook often leaves them vulnerable to
manipulation by the enemy, but each monster that can be made to repent
of its sins is one less danger that the other imbued face.

Visionary (Vision) - The long-term planners and organizers of the
imbued, these hunters seek to give purpose and meaning to the imbued
they work with. Each visionary has his own big idea about how to win
or survive in the greater struggle, or what caused the imbuing process
in the first place.

Rumors tell of two "lost" creeds, the Waywards (Deviance) and
Hermits (Solitude). Perhaps in the future, we'll see members of these
creeds creeping into the Eternal Struggle.

5 - Incapacitated

When an imbued has no life, he becomes incapacitated. The
incapacitated region is much like the torpor region for vampires
(controlled but not ready), except that it's somewhat more dangerous.
Like vampires on the way to torpor, imbued on the way to the hospital
cannot use certain cards or effects like Pulled Fangs - any effect not
usable by an ally being burned is also unusable by an imbued on the
way to the incapacitated region. Unlike vampires, which can only be
diablerized in torpor by other vampires, an incapacitated imbued may
be burned (not diablerie) by _any_ minion - even a treacherous fellow
imbued! The acting minion takes the hunter's equipment, and since it's
not diablerie, there's no bloodhunt. Hunters have their own way of
punishing a minion who "pulls the plug" - each ready imbued may
burn one conviction to inflict an unpreventable damage on the acting
minion if the action to burn an incapacitated imbued is successful.
While it's less punitive than burning a vampire in the bloodhunt,
it's also much harder to stop - the imbued don't care about your
stinkin' vote lock!

It's also somewhat harder for an imbued to leave the incapacitated
region than for a vampire to leave torpor - an incapacitated imbued
may burn 3 conviction cards during his untap phase to move to the
ready region and gain a life. This means it could be up to three turns
before your imbued is back in action (or more if you haven't drawn
enough conviction cards), but at least it doesn't cost you an action
to rescue - or the action to hunt when you come out.


I'll let the imbued of the month introduce herself this time:

"SUBJECT: Our Purpose
FROM: Cabbie22

It pisses me off. Freedom's just another word for illusion. More wool
for monsters to pull over our eyes. I'm not saying people aren't to
blame for being stupid or lazy or terrible - when we act that way, we
enjoy it too much. That can't be the monsters' making too, can it?
What I hate is how we never had a decent chance. I know plenty of good
people - ones like my father, who scraped his way from nothing to
give me a chance. They try and try but never get as far as they could
or should. I get pissed when I think about how monsters - these
things that play with people like they're toys - might be the
reason good people get nowhere. So while I'm reading to bust their
fucking skulls in, I just want to keep them off the backs of the
_good_ people." - Hunter: The Reckoning

Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin
Group: 4
Starting Life: 4
Creed: Defender
Edges: Defense, Vengeance
If Lupe has a vehicle, once each action she may burn a conviction to
get +1 stealth or +1 intercept.

With Second Sight (a conviction card), imbued may gain +1 intercept
against monsters or give all monsters -1 intercept against the
hunter's own action. Lupe's ability allows her to stack onto that
effect if necessary, or gain unconditional stealth or intercept
against other imbued or mortal-based decks. As such, Lupe makes quite
a nice wall minion, which is fitting for her Defender creed, but she
can also use the stealth option to get critical actions through an
opponent's defenses. All she needs is the right vehicle and a way to
equip it.  Angel of Berlin and Vast Wealth are wonderful methods for
achieving this, and Repo Man will work well in a mixed crypt.

You can also use her stealth to help her 'power-up', and then leave
her untapped to block with as well, when you have enough conviction.

The vehicles she can use are Sport Bike, Learjet, Hawg, Unlicensed
Taxicab, Highway Haven: RV, or Delivery Truck.

Giving her a sport bike makes +3 intercept quite achievable, +4 if you
stack in The Unmasking. Unfortunately, wake-like effects for the
imbued are somewhat lacking, so you'll have to carefully choose which
actions to block each turn. Sport bike is one of her better options,
as the excess sport bikes can be used by other imbued to shore up your

Learjet is great for cycling excess conviction cards when you take
actions, though using it requires playing additional cards while Lupe
is acting. There aren't a ton of action modifiers that the imbued can
use to great effect, so this may primarily see play in combat-oriented
hunter decks using her Vengeance edge to maximum effect.

Hawg is oft derided, but may find its place in some decks based around
Lupe. Hunters' combat options are quite limited compared to vampires,
and getting a free press each round on a minion that finds blocking
easy may be enough to put the hurt on any offending vampires that walk
your way.

An Unlicensed Taxicab makes Lupe's actions to recruit or employ
allies or retainers nigh unblockable when she has conviction to burn,
allowing her to tool up with J.S. Simmons and Tasha Morgan or recruit
useful allies like Wendell Delburton or Carlton Van Wyk.

Unless the bearer is an anarch, the Highway Haven: RV is a less useful
version of the Hawg, giving only a press to end and preventing
Cabbie22 from getting another haven somewhere. In a mixed crypt with
anarchs, this might see some use, but it's far from optimal to combine
with Lupe's special.

Delivery Trucks are a nice choice - they store your equipment for
later, as well as keeping the card out of the ash heap if you get
blocked. Once Lupe has her delivery truck, she can grab some guns or a
jacket for herself or just hold them until her buddies pick up the


"People say the world's going to Hell. They're wrong. Hell's
come to the world and we're the thin red line." - Hunter, the
Reckoning, Defender motto.

Edge of the Month: Lock

This action is at +1 stealth if it is undirected.
Put this card on any minion. (D) actions directed at this minion cost
monsters an additional blood or life. If this minion is a monster, he
or she burns a blood or life when he or she attempts an action or a
block. This minion may burn this card as an action. A minion can have
only one Lock.

A great action to use with Cabbie22's stealth special, Lock makes
monsters pay for the privilege of acting or blocking - even if the
action or block is unsuccessful. Lupe should also be able to block
most attempts to remove it (once she's armed with an appropriate
weapon, of course) and punish the minion for even trying. Placed on
your predator's minions, Lock will to ease the pressure on your pool
by forcing them to focus more on blood management. Used against your
prey, it can deny pool gain from Blood Dolls and make their vampires
more vulnerable in combat, as well as slowing them against their prey.

Lock also provides some degree of protection for your own hunters and
mortal allies from Entrancement, rushes, Corruption and the like,
making it flexible choice.
Lock fits well into a blood denial strategy with Vampiric Disease.
Several Gehenna events (Restricted Vitae, Thirst, The Slow Withering)
also deny sustenance to your opponents' vampires without touching the

Lock is best when you can plausibly threaten to block the removal
action, as your opponents may well just stop acting with that minion.


"If anyone can point to a flaw in the Angel's activities, it's
that he is apparently willing to support hunters regardless of their
motives or ruthlessness. It's been confirmed that the bomb that tore
through an office building near the newly renovated Reichstag was
built with explosives provided by the Angel. The blast claimed 15
lives, most of them innocent civilians on their way home from work." -
Hunter-Book: Martyr

Library card of the Month:

Angel of Berlin
Master: out-of-turn. Requires a ready imbued.
Untap an imbued, or equip a ready imbued with an equipment from your
hand (requirements must be met; pay cost as normal). Not usable during
"They also serve who only stand and wait"
- John Milton, "On His Blindness"

Angel of Berlin is a potent and flexible card. You can use it to untap
and block actions. You can use it to cause actions that target tapped
minions (such as Ambush) to fail, or manipulate actions like Domain
Challenge that count your tapped or untapped minions - and then be
untapped to block a later action. When attempting to block (before
combat), you can equip with a Sport Bike for intercept or a Sniper
Rifle to make the block count. You can grab any equipment you need
without worrying about a block attempt. Even Sudden Reversal will
leave the equipment in your hand instead of your ash heap. Equip with
the Orb of Ulain during an Entrancement or Far Mastery effect and
watch it fizzle. The capacity to make your opponents' actions fail
without having to block should not be underestimated.

Unfortunately, Angel of Berlin is one of only a few wake-like effect
for the imbued, and (since if costs an out-of-turn master phase
action) it's sub-par for that effect alone. Keep in mind that it costs
you your next master phase and you can only play one around the table.
Also, you won't be able to get the equipment you want on your turn.

Obviously, this card has a lot of synergy with Cabbie22; she can grab
her vehicle unblockably, take an action on your turn (using her
stealth special to push it through), then untap with another Angel and
block with her intercept special. All this, of course, assumes she has
the Conviction to burn - it may take several turns to recover if she
overextends herself, so be careful not to go too far and make sure
there are other imbued to watch her back.


The imbued are strengthened by the forces of light to stand against
the darkness and purge monsters from our world, but they are still
human.  Some may seek to play different groups of monsters against
each other; some may succumb to temptation, hoping to use the
monsters' own power against them; still others may not even realize
their corruption until it's too late. For these reasons and more,
imbued will sometimes fight alongside vampires, unwittingly doing the
bidding of the ancient Methuselahs in their long struggle.  For those
Methuselah's able to arrange it, using the imbued alongside their
other servants can bring them potent new weapons to the eternal Jyhad.

Traitor of the Month:

Beatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay
Group: 4
Starting Life: 3
Creed: Innocent
Edges: Innocence, Vengeance
During your untap phase, another imbued you control takes 1
unpreventable damage. +1 bleed.

Though she has trouble getting along with the other imbued, Beatrice
Tremblay makes a great minion for many Methuselahs. She costs only 3
pool to bring out, and bleeds for two without any cards played. Since
she can fetch a Second Sight every turn, she can give monsters -1
intercept when trying to block her. In case there are non-monster
minions in her way, your vampires with Obfuscate can use Cloak the
Gathering to get her through, or Mask of 1000 faces if you've got the
cards you need to kill the mortal for his insolence. When she's not
acting, Beatrice provides you with a chump blocker against agg-poke or
other imbued acting with Second Sight. She can use Hide to multiply
the Second Sight and also protect her from (D) actions if she stays
untapped for some reason.

Oracle171 is at her best when bleeding, so she should generally only
be mixed with vampires that will help her to do that, either with
Cloak the Gathering or perhaps by rushing and killing or tapping all
the mortals in her way. It's also imperative to use cards like Hide or
React With Conviction to keep other players from turning her against
you, or else include a few ally-stealing cards of your own in order to
take her back.

In any mixed crypt, choose your convictions with care. It's wise to
include at least one React With Conviction, and often to fetch it as
your first conviction when your chosen enters play. Including a couple
copies each of Strike With Conviction and Second Sight is probably a
good way to round out the conviction setup - it gives you a
reasonable chance to get one of each during the game.


Decks of the Month:

Deck Name: Road Movie to Berlin
Description: Cabbie22 and her fellow Defenders engineer a blood

Crypt [12]
3x Lupe "Cabbie22" Droin  4 def ven  Defender:4
3x Travis "Traveler72" Miller  4 mar def  Martyr:4
2x Jack "Hannibal137" Harmon 4 def jud Defender:4
2x Francois "Warden" Loehr 3 def jud Judge:4
1x Paul "Sixofswords29" Moreton 4 def vsn Visionary:4
1x Xian "Dzidzat155" Quan 4 def inn Defender:4

Library [90]
Conviction [15]
7x Second Sight
4x React With Conviction
4x Strike With Conviction

Masters [26]
4x Vampiric Disease
1x Direct Intervention
2x The Parthenon
4x Angel of Berlin
1x The Church of Vindicated Faith
1x The Rose Foundation
1x True Faith
2x Specialization
2x Life in the City
1x Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
1x The Barrens
1x Society of Leopold
1x Vox Domini
1x Not to Be
2x Fortschritt Library
1x Vigil: The Thin Line

Events [13]
1x Nightmares Upon Nightmares
2x Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC
1x The New Inquisition
1x Thirst
1x Wormwood
1x The Unmasking
1x Restricted Vitae
1x The Slow Withering
1x Anthelios, the Red Star
2x Blood Cult Awareness Network
1x Edge Explosion

Actions [9]
8x Lock
1x Arson

Equipment [12]
4x Sniper Rifle
1x The Crusader Sword
1x Orb of Ulain
4x Sport Bike
2x Flak Jacket

Ally [3]
1x Wendell Delburton
1x Carlton Van Wyk
1x Moise Kasavubu

Powers [10]
4x Rejuvenate
2x Discern
2x Vigilance
2x Champion

Combat [2]
2x Fake Out

This deck is designed to shut down your predator and prey, putting
their vampires into hunt loops whenever possible. Life in the City is
for easing the pressure your Vampiric Disease and Gehenna events cause
your cross-table allies. It can also lock down a Diseased vampire for
another turn before burning the disease counter if he's empty. True
Faith on Wendell Delburton with the Crusader sword burns vampires, but
the cards are plenty playable if you draw them in the wrong order.
Millicent Smith can and additional Vampiric Disease or Angel of Berlin
can be retrieved with Anthelios. Dr. Marisa Fletcher burns hunting
vampires. Arson should torch hunting grounds when possible. The deck
is currently untested, and has little offense against other hunter
decks besides Cabbie Striking With Conviction at stealth. Imbued
predators will still be hurt by Sniper Rifles, however.

Deck Name: Muddled Hunters
Description: Beatrice and her Malkavian friends Muddle up the hunt

Crypt [12]
3x Beatrice "Oracle171" Tremblay 3 inn ven Innocent:4
1x Uncle George 5 aus dom obf DEM !Malk:3
1x General Perfidio Dios 5 dem obf AUS bishop !Malk:3
1x Marie Faucigny 7 dem tha AUS OBF archbishop !Malk:3
1x Persia, the Beautiful Statue 5 aus obf DEM Malk:3
1x Tony 6 dom obf DEM AUS  Malk:3
1x Quentin King III 7 obf pre AUS DEM prince Malk:3
1x Evan Klein  5 aus dem pre OBF Malk:3
1x Maris Streck 9 ani dem dom AUS OBF Justicar Malk:3
1x Dr. Douglas Netchurch 6 dem dom AUS OBF Malk:3

Library [90]
Conviction [5]
2x React With Conviction
2x Strike With Conviction
1x Second Sight

Masters [17]
1x The Barrens
1x The Rack
1x Giant's Blood
2x Storage Annex
1x Asylum Hunting Ground
1x Malkavian Time Auction
1x True Faith
6x Blood Doll
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Sudden Reversal
1x Fame

Combat [11]
2x Fake Out
2x Boxed In
2x Lucky Blow
2x Dodge
2x Coma
1x Smite

Action [13]
4x Kindred Spirits
4x The Call
1x Blessing of Chaos
1x Restructure
2x Dive Into Madness
1x Revelations

Ally [2]
2x Muddled Vampire Hunter

Equipment [4]
1x Orb of Ulain
1x Ivory Bow
1x Crusader Sword
1x Leather Jacket

Powers [2]
1x Hide
1x Surge

Political Action [1]
1x Malkavian Justicar

Action Modifier [20]
4x Confusion
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Faceless Night
2x Lost In Crowds
6x Cloak the Gathering
2x Mind Tricks
2x Deny

Reaction [15]

4x Telepathic Misdirection
1x Wake With Evening's Freshness
6x Babble
2x Eagle's Sight
2x Confusion of the Eye

Walk on the wild side when Beatrice comes out - pull a Second Sight
instead of a React (unless your prey gets is obviously playing
imbued), so she can begin some steady bleeds. Don't act too scary with
the Malks - take defensive actions or none at all until you're prepped
for the oust. Eventually, Muddles should come out, gain True Faith,
and start blocking (with the aid of Babble) most attempts to harm you.
This deck is also untested at the moment. Fame is primarily for
contesting, but can also be used to oust with Muddles.

Thanks for reading the newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it.


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