White Wolf
Flash Boom Bang
Antero Leppänen

Praxis Seizure: Turku XXXII
Turku, Finland
December 17, 2006
12 attendants
3 rounds and final
Winner: Antero Leppänen

Winning deck: Flash Boom Bang

Crypt (12)

Crypt (12)
1 Jennie Orne Vis 5 inn jud vis Imbued rise from incap quicker
1 Travis Miller Mar 5 def mar bloat special
1 Jack Harmon Def 4 def jud maneuver
1 Jennifer Vidisania Ave 4 ven vis +bleed, -stealth and cheaper weapons
1 John O'Malley Ave 4 can rush monsters
1 Marion Perks Red 4 jud red press
1 Peter Rophail Red 4 red ven burns conviction to get a maneuver against monster
1 Francois Loehr Jud 3 actions against him cost blood or life
1 Inez Villagrande 3 inn gets Inspire when entering play
1 Liz Thornton Inn 2 inn red conviction handicap
2 Tupdog Gar 1 can recruit el vagabundo or Carlton

Library (84)

Conviction (20)
6 React with Conviction
7 Second Sight
7 Strike with Conviction

Master (15)
5 Angel of Berlin
1 Church of Vindicated Faith, The
1 Fame
2 Fortschritt Library
3 Haven Uncovered
1 Jake Washington (Hunter)
1 Smiling Jack, the Anarch
1 Tension in the Ranks

Action (5)
2 Ambush
1 Bum's Rush
2 Harass

Action-Power (6)
1 Inspire
2 Rejuvenate
1 Surge
2 Vigilance

Ally (2)
1 Carlton Van Wyk
1 Vagabond Mystic

Combat (15)
9 Concealed Weapon
6 Dragon's Breath Rounds

Equipment (17)
1 Crusader Sword
4 Flash Grenade
3 Heart of Nizchetus
1 Ivory Bow
8 Saturday-Night Special

Event (4)
1 Dragonbound
1 Edge Explosion
1 Thirst
1 Unmasking

I took 3 GW's and 9,5 vp's in preliminary rounds, being first seed in finals, 
where, after a long and bitter fight, won the whole tournament with 3vp's.

Other decks in the final were Theo/Beast Rush bleeding Kiasyd G2/3
toolbox (with surprisingly high amont of combat) bleeding Ahrimane G2/3
toolbox (with more PRE than ANI, luckily for me) bleeding me bleeding
ur-Shulgi powerbleed (with only Obediences as combat defence, which
suited me perfectly).

So, the final went as follows: I had to fight with my predator from the
start, but fortunately he got only 3 transfers in the first round, so
his fisrt mnion was Siamese (whom I shot down with DBR's, although I
lost Liz in the process. My prey got a slow start, so I was able to
bloat a little with the Church by nipping him for one, as I could not
do many undirected actions in (partly futile) fear of Howler. My
grandprey was in a bad place, as Theo and a couple of flunkies  did not
do well against Obediences in the right and Fae Contortion/Entombment
in the left. The Kiasyd managed to put some pressure to my predator, so
I felt quite comfortable, especially I played HU to Slug, and  John
O'Malley had a Crusader Sword. So I pretty mutilated my prey to the
brink of death with the help of my grandprey's Dragonbound, but
unfortunately my predator kept saving his vampires from torpor, after
which my prey played Golconda on Slug, and ousted his prey with Reins
of Power (called by Thetmes). Shortly thereafter, I managed to dunk my
prey's vampires for good, bleed him out (cos John and Perky were
vigilant at that point). The I got the Jack into play, and my prey
figured that it would be better to him to oust the Ahrimanes that burn
Jack. That was a mistake, as I got 5 counters to Jack before he managed
to contest it. The Kiasyd player then hammered my minions in combat
with Entombments, Earth Swords and Darkling Trickeries, and got me to
one pool before he run out of cards.

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